Neopets the Storytelling Contest

Neopets the Storytelling Contest is a contest that happens once in a whole and you will have to enter the Neopian Times to participate. Neopets the Storytelling Contest is a contest for writing lovers, for people who have this thing as a passion.


The Neopets the Storytelling Contest will start every Monday for each week and when it successfully ends, it means that there is a total of ten entries that have been posted. There will be also a total of nine winners that can win, and from there they will be able to be rewarded with trophies, etc. This is updated two times a day, and the Friday too, you will have a total of five days in order to make sure that your week’s story is of quality. Occasionally there are holidays where TNT will have a break, and for that reason they will usually extend it to give people more time to write.

You will have to, in order to participate, come up with few paragraphs that you will have to do so that you can proceed to the what happens next on the story that will be given by Neopets. You will then have to continue the story and if people enjoy it, you will be given some nice prizes.

It is recommended that you consult the FAQ on Neopets for any question that you may have.

Stuff to Note

To participate in Neopets the Storytelling Contest, you will have to keep the same characters that are in there and you will not have to change them, otherwise you will not win. You will have to end the story by making cool jokes and to attract the most possible people, so that they can enjoy it.

Neopets the Storytelling Contest Cheats

You will be given characters that you will find in the story when you start reading and from there you will be able to write what will follow next.

You will have to develop the plot that is in the story, and to answer the question that is provided in the Neopets the Storytelling Contest story. For that, you will have to think more than to write. You will have to use your brain to make a good story, not necessarily write write and write. People who usually keep writing for nothing will not win. You will have to be creating so that you can win.

You will also have to ask yourself if the story makes sense at all. If it does not make sense, then you will have to go over it again. Put yourself in the peoples shoes and read it. You will have to read it like if you don’t know anything about the story, and see if it makes sense or not. If you think that it does not make sense, then you will have to remake it or to change few things in it. You can ask members of your family to read it for you, or alternatively your friends so that you can see if it is actually interesting, or if it is not. If most of them tell you that the story is missing something but they actually don’t know what, you will have to find it by yourself. If they tell you what is actually missing, then this is good news and you will be able to fix it as soon as possible because you will have to make sure that the people that will read it will be satisfied.

Ask yourself if the story is interested. Many people read stories, and they always look for the best of the best. If you read a story that follows itself, it does not necessarily means that it is interesting. Even if you put hard work, just write and don’t do anything else, you will not necessarily make sure that other people will be satisfied. For that reason you will have to make it interested. People will have to ask themselves what will be happening next. If, for example, they take a break or go to eat, they will be thinking about the story and they will want to come back to know what comes next.

You will be able to win a trophy if your contest is a winner, and you will also be awarded with a total of 2000 Neopoints plus a rare item that will be added to your inventory. The random item can be a codestone all the way up to a paint brush for you to use, to sell or to collect it with you. You will be able to win many times as long as your story is interesting and nice so that other Neopians can have a great time reading it. You will have to make sure that your spelling grammar is good enough. If it has many mistakes, you will have to fix that because put yourself in the readers shoes, you will obviously hate it.

Remember that the first entry will be starting on 12:30 NST and 1:00 NST. The others that will be following this one will take place on 4:30 NST and on 5:30 NST so you will have to submit it as soon as possible, otherwise the Neopets team will not have sufficient time to read it and to think if it is a prize and trophy worthy or not. That being said, good luck.

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