Neopets Tarla’s Shop of Mystery

Neopets Tarla’s Shop of Mystery is a place that is located in the Shop of Mystery, where you will find Tarla which will happen to be a Red Ixi. From there, you will be able to buy a random item that you will know nothing about for a price. It can be a Packet of Gravel or it can be a petpet. All will depend on the luck you will have. The price will be located at one hundred Neopoints, or ten thousands Neopoints. You will have to choose depending of what your budget is. For new users, going after the cheap bag is always an opportunity. However, for more experienced users who have more Neopets with them, it is recommended that they decide to choose the other option, which is about picking the random item that will be more pricey.

Note that when the shop is being successfully stocked, you will be able to buy from Neopets Tarla’s Shop of Mystery each minute and half. You can do that for your advantage, if you are a gambling lover.

There are many prizes that can be given from the Neopets Tarla’s Shop of Mystery and below is a list that will have them all. It is recommended that you read this list so that you you were waiting for a particular item to have, and it is not listed, better waste no NP on Neopets Tarla’s Shop of Mystery.

Neopets Tarla’s Shop of Mystery Prizes

Bad Seed
Bit of Barbed Wire
Black Osiris Plate
Broken Blue Fuzzle
Broken Corn Pyramid
Broken Fake Uni Hat
Corn Balls
Fire Paw
Halloween Blumaroo Gnome
Halloween Kau Plushie
Iced Ceiling Fan
Icy Desk
Neggitus Injection
Packet of Gravel
Pile of Dung
Pretty Bouquet
Punchbag Bob Plushie
Quiggle Scout Stamp
Rainbow Gun
Rainbow Rug
Red Blush
Red Kazoo
Round Rainbow Rug
Sandstone Boots
Speckled Paint Brush
Sphinx Links
Stone and Slime Slushie
Stylishly Simple Pond
Tarla Lyre
Tarla Mirror
Tarla Plushie
Tarla Squirty Toy
Tarlas Mystery Meal
The Inside Secret
Twisted Vine House Plant
Yltra Icy Negg
White Mallard
Whole Blackberry Pizza
Wormy Slushie
You Did it Card

You will also have an opportunity to receive the Tarla – Shop of Mystery avatar by visiting the Tarla’s Shop of Mystery and by purchasing from there at least once.

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