Neopets Sweetheart Grams

Neopets Sweetheart Grams are grams that were first introduced in Neopets in 2010. The grams are scroll that can be used just like the Neocash, and these items will give you an advantage, which will allow you to be able to send gifts to you friends, which are gifts of NC items only. These items can be also gifted to yourself, if you want to.

Neopets Sweetheart Grams come with different themes which are there to successfully celebrate the Valentine’s day that comes once a month and they will only be available for a short interval of time, and that for every year that comes. For that reason, you will want to act fast when they appear, because you will not have weeks to grab them.


Basically, you will have to go to the NC Mall from where you will be able to purchase the gram, then you will notice that the item has been added to your inventory. When the item is in your inventory, you will not have to activate it as it already is. After that you will be able to select the NC item you want from the menu when you click on it, and from there you will be able to enter a username of a Neopets user that you would like to send that item to. You will also have an opportunity to send a message along with the item so that you can say something like “Greetings”, etc. However, before you send the item, to avoid theft and robberies, you will have to enter your PIN before you do so as a general rule.

Neopets Sweetheart Grams are also nice because the items that they will be able to provide, which are between four and six, have always valuable items that you will be able to pick something from. The type of gram will determine the amount of items you will be able to pick from, which means four or six. Below there are a few information that you will have to read so that you can know what is good to do, and it is considered like a FAQ.

Keep in mind that you will be able to only select one of the items that will be in the menu, once you click on the gram. That item can be received by a user, as a gift from you, or it can be alternatively sent to you also like a gift. You will also have the opportunity to purchase Neopets Sweetheart Grams from the side accounts that you have, which is no freeze offence.

Secondly, you will not be able to receive two items once you send it. That means if you send the item to your friend, you will not be able to also have one for yourself, so make sure you know what you’re doing before you act. Once the item is sent, it will vanish permanently from your inventory and you will no longer be able to access it.

You will not be able to buy Neopets Sweetheart Grams from a place that is other than the NC Mall. That means they can not be traded between users and there is no other way to get them besides paying for NC (or having NC) and successfully purchasing them on the NC Mall, by adding it to your cart and then by checking out to receive the item in your inventory.

Note that when you purchase a Neopets Sweetheart Grams, it will never expire so you can keep it for as long as you want. You can leave Neopets for two years, come back and it will still be there. That’s a nice advantage that the Neopets Sweetheart Grams provides, unlike some items that also come from there.

For NC Mall regular item, you will require a Gift Box, which is a blue box that you can use to send gifts to your friends, with NC Mall items. However the Neopets Sweetheart Grams will not require that Gift Box, because you will be able to send them the item from the drop down menu whenever you want, for your advantage.

If you select a Gift Box of the NC Mall in order to send a Neopets Sweetheart Grams gift to your friends or to yourself, it will not work so make sure you don’t waste time trying this and don’t keep false ideas with you.

Once a Neopets Sweetheart Grams is successfully gifted to another user, that user will have a total of 48 hours, which means two decides to decide whether they want it or not. If that time runs out, the item will be sent back to its appropriate owner without any loss, so the item is sent back like it is. This is good to prevent inactive users from receiving items and then having these items go to waste.

Limited Edition

You will notice that the Neopets Sweetheart Grams will have the opportunity to have a theme that is set on them, which calls them Limited Edition. For every type of gram, only one Limited Edition can be found and these will give you the opportunity to choose a LE item from the drop down menu, which is rarer than the others. You will be able to decide whether you would like to send a Limited Edition item to another user or to yourself, just like the other items that come from the Neopets Sweetheart Grams. There is a community challenge that will usually start at that time, and depending on how it goes it will determine whether extra Limited Bonus items will be given and added into the NC Mall, or not.

Community Challenges

The Neopets Community Challenges have started in Neopets in the year of 2011, and they are hosted by the event of the Neopets Sweetheart Grams. You will then be able to see a meter that will tell the amount of grams that have been sent to other users. The more people purchase Neopets Sweetheart Grams and they send it, the better because then the tick to the right side the more Neopets Sweetheart Grams are sent. There is actually no way to know how many grams you will have to send before the tick reaches the Lots of Love, so you will have to keep sending in. The only people that will know this information are TNT members. Once the tick successfully hits the right, the users who have sent a gram to someone else or to their selves will be able to receive a bonus item that is random, created by TNT for having participated in the event. If that goal is achieved in an unexpected time (very soon), you will be able to participate for the Neopets Sweetheart Grams no matter what.

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