Neopets Spell-or-Starve

Neopets Spell-or-Starve is a game where the 2nd version of Neopets gets kidnapped and you have to find it back. Neopets Spell-or-Starve will give you the opportunity to earn points by using the blocks that are touching more blocks, which can be quite confusing.


Basically, you have to use the blocks that are presented to you on the game so that you can select those who touch other ones. Note that the longer the word is, the better because then you receive more points. Once you have enough points, you then proceed to the next level. There will be many tiles that will be found in the game.

The first one is the tile that has black and yellow lines in the horizontal direction on a square. This one is not selectable, and therefore can not be used. Another one is the yellow square that has an R on it, which is the active tile that you select and it, and what will be selected is a word that is currently non-existent in the database. Another tile is the blue square with the D in the middle of it, which is a kind of a changing tile. This one will have the letter on it change through different intervals. The tile of the white color that has an E on it will double the points for any kind of word, when it is successfully used. The green tile with an L on it is the selected tile. This one will have a word that is existent and available in the current database of the system. Lastly, there is the wildcard tile that will be used for any letter. This one will have a green monster on it.

Neopets Spell-or-Starve Score & Cheats

The score is somewhat difficult to learn. Remember that the longer the word, the better because you will then be awarded with more points. If you have a word that is one lettered, you will receive a total of 1 point. If it is a two lettered word, a total of 2 points will be awarded. You receive 3 points for a word that is three lettered. From the four letter words it starts getting better, because you receive 8 points. If it is a five letter word, 15 points will be awarded to you and 18 points if it is a six letter word. When it comes to a seven lettered word, the total points you receive is 28. Lastly, 8 lettered words will earn you a total of 40 points.

For that reason, we recommend you that you try to receive the Wild card tiles because they are the best, and from there you answer the words. It is recommended that you focus on long lettered words simply because they will award you much more points for your advantage. Good luck.

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