Neopets Sakhmet Solitare

Neopets Sakhmet Solitare is one of the oldest games on Neopets, and Sakhmet Solitare is also one of the most well loved, and most fun games you can lose hours procrastinating over. Found in Sakhmet, Sakhmet Solitare also does not require you to play up against other Neopians for a trophy, making it one of the easier trophies achievable.

How to Play

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 14.35.56

Above is a screenshot of your gameplay. At the very beginning you may choose whether to draw 1 card or 3 cards. Whilst both have their benefits and disadvantages it is generally understood that 3 cards is both easier and more enjoyable a way to play.

At the top left, you will see the number of your round and the amount of draw remaining. Each game has three rounds, and in a typical game of ‘draw three’ you will have 7 draws at the beginning of the First Round. This number will decrease throughout the game. On your final round, this font will be bright red, indicating the ending. Second on the right is the number of Game Points awarded. The third column shows your total High Score, which is the game points from each game played in that month combined. Finally, it shows points today. Apart from the top left section showing draws remaining, the rest is largely useless especially with regards to the easier trophies available from this game.

Beneath these four columns is your actual game. You can draw new cards by clicking the face down card at the top left, and these will be displayed alongside. The four blank spaces at the top are for building up your piles of Aces. The aim of the game is to have these four piles full of the cards Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8, Jack, Queen, and King in their respective suits. You can do this by clicking them from the board, and then clicking the space, but it must be one in order. For example you cannot put a 2 of Hearts up unless you have the Ace of Hearts already there.

To move cards around beneath, you must click on them to be highlighted and then click the desired place to put them. Cards must be built up in reverse numerical order of opposing colours, like red – black – red – black – red or vice versa. Starting with the highest card, you may place the next card down in numerical order of the opposite colour. For example, the first card in the screenshot above is a red 3, so on top of this you must place a black 2. Beside it is a black 5, so you must place in order a red 4, black 3, then red 2 in order for the moves to be legal.

You do not have to only move one card at a time however, you may move whole piles of cards at a time. Simply click the highest numbered card in the pile and the whole pile will be highlighted to move.

And finally, once you have moved a card from the top of a face down pile, using an example from the screenshot above – the black 8 onto the red 9, the card beneath the 8 will flip over, becoming the new card at the top of the face down pile. The screenshot below is the same game, further along to give you an indication of the gameplay.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 14.49.30


All points throughout the game will be earned by placing cards onto the Ace Pile. Each Ace itself is worth 20 points, and each subsequent card is worth 10 points, except for the King which grants you 85 points a piece. You’ll earn 860 points for winning a game. You will also earn Neopoints depending on how many cards you were able to move up to the Ace Piles throughout the game. It costs 50nps to play a game of Sakhmet Solitare, and although you can only earn Neopoints up to 5,000 points a day – you will inevitably profit from this game.


There are two types of trophies to be won from Sakhmet Solitare. The first type, are fairly random – but much more common, you will see most people sporting one of these types of trophies:

 Bronze Trophy – 2x wins

Silver Trophy – 5x wins

Gold Trophy – 2x wins in a row

The other type of trophy you can score is with the high score table, and this is based on your cumulative points scored.

However, as the high score table is currently over 30,000,000 + points for a top place, you’ll need to play a lot of games to achieve this, somewhere over 34,000 games at winning, so considerably more when you factor in a win rate at this game is less than 5%.

Sakhmet Solitare Cheats

  • Always pick the 3 card drawn options than the 1 card drawn options, it helps a lot more throughout the game than the 1 card.
  • Play from the playing field first rather than the stack pile, it is more important to reveal all the cards on the playing field first and use the pile as backup.
  • Don’t immediately move a card from the playing field onto a new space if it doesn’t reveal a new card or help the game. The coloured counterpart might be under the next card draw and be more useful.
  • Don’t play too quickly – you’re not on a timer, so you can take your time. Better to take your time than miss a move than could make the difference between a win or a loss.
  • This game is 99% luck, so don’t be disheartened if the trophies are a long time coming, and you tend to lose most games. This is quite common.

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