Neopets Round Table Poker

Neopets Round Table Poker is a poker game where you will have to deal with cards and see where are your classifications depending of what you do. Neopets Round Table Poker will give you the opportunity to earn prizes depending on what you can accomplish during the game.


During the game of Neopets Round Table Poker, many classifications are available to you. The better they are, the less chance there is for you to get them. Below is a short guide that will explain them, along with the chance you have to earn them.

Royal Flush is the first classification name which is very rare, with a total of 0.000154% of getting it, it is the best poker hand possible for you to get. It is obtainable once you receive a 10, a jack, a queen, a king, an ace and a suit.

Straight Flush can be obtained by having a total of five cards that will be in order. There is only a 0.00139% chance of getting it.

Four of a Kind can be obtained if you have four cards of one value, for example if you have all fours. This can be obtained, but only 0.024% are there for this set.

The Full House is when a total of three cards of one value and two of another value is there. With only a chance of 0.144% to get them, it is like, for example, having 2 twos and 3 fours.

The Flush consists of having a total of five cards in one suit. The chance to get a Flush is currently estimated at 0.197%.

Straight is when you get five cards in numerical order but not necessarily from the same suit, which is more common with a chance of 0.392% chance of getting it.

The Three of a Kind, with 2.11% chance, consists of having a total of three cards in one value.

To have the Two Pair, you will have to get a total of two pairs of different values in your set of cards. There is 4.75% chance you can actually get this.

If you have One pair, you will have to get two cards that are same valued.

Lastly, to get the high card, which happens 50% of the time, you will have to get a normal hand that can sometimes lead you to victory, and sometimes it doesn’t.


During each round, at their beginning, you will have to ante up which means that you will have to ensure there is something to win in every round. So that players will have to deal five cards to the dealer.

If you get a check, it means that you are not obligated to bet, or to fold and it is only available if you’ve bet the exact same amount as other players. The bet allows you to place a bet, which means that with an increment of 10 NP, you will have other players to follow suit. Lastly, Fold means that you can decide whether or not you would like to meet the current bet.

Getting a Call means that you will have to bet at the same time as other players, raise means that you will be able to bet at the current rate and to force other people to put more money, and fold means the same thing as previously mentioned.

Once the first round finishes, you will have to conclude that the players are given a chance to be able to discard a total of four of their cards so that they can receive extra ones in return. That’s what the game is about, for all the players of the first round, they will be guaranteed to be given the original cards depending on what is in their hand. There is also a button that says discard, which is clickable in order to receive your new set of cards.

After clicking it, a new set of cards will be shown to you so that the discarding will be continuing while you ponder your new hand. You will also have to place a bet on it. Note that it is not necessary to discard cards. If you have a Straight, for example, it is recommended that you don’t discard anything card-related.

Once you discard, you will be able to get a better hand. For the second round, when the betting start happening, you will be able to operate like the first round but the increment will not be of 10 NP anymore, but you will have to pay 20 NP.

Know your Players

Below is a list of players that you will be facing during the tournament so that you get a better idea of the game.

Friar Asquith is the blue bruce with a brown jacket, that is the first one to appear.

Footpad Joe is the second character, which is a Blue Kacheek with a green Hat.

Lady Vanella is an Aisha with pink hairs, that looks a little sneaky and is the third one to appear.

Nigel of Meridar, the pink Meerca that looks evil with a green hat is the fourth character to appear.

Prudella, the white kiko with a pink hat with the fifth character to appear.

Kalandra the desert Kau is the sixth character to appear.

Chortle the green Ixi is the seventh character to appear.

Commander Lazarr the blue Draik is the seventh character to appear.

Round Table Poker Cheats

First & Second Occasion

You will have to watch for the happy faces and the sad faces so that you can grab a lot of information. For the first occasion, the happy face will mean that a player has good hands, for example he has a high number of cards etc. From that information, you will be able to find out what cards he has on his hands by some thinking.

For the Second occasion, you will be watching the exchanged numbers, which means that the faces will be whether successful or not. If a player is able to smile, but not to place a bet, you can assume that he is faking and you will be able to catch it from there. Good luck.

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