Neopets Ready to Roll

Neopets Ready to Roll is a game for rolling lovers and your main job will consist to train yooyus to be athletes so that they are able to participate in the Altador Cup. Neopets Ready to Roll will prove itself to be varying on its difficulty and from there you will have to use the skills you have to get the maximum amount of points.


During the game of Neopets Ready to Roll, your actual Yooyu is what you will be moving. You will have to rotate the screen in order to get him rolling, so that he can be directed to the place of your choice.

You will notice that mostly on the borders of the rotating screen, there is a Spike Chain. This is an obstacle that you should avoid at any cost, simply because it will remove a life from you. For that reason, you do not want to touch it and should focus on the other parts of the game.

There are also suns that can be found on the game, which are tokens that will reward you will extra points if you manage to grab them. If you are able to collect 10 of them, then an extra life will be awarded to you as a gift every time you do so.

There are also spikes that can be found on moving lines. These should also be avoided at any cost, just like the spikes that were on the borders of the screen. Touching them will result in a life loss, and your objective is to grab the maximum amount of points, not to lose your lives. For that reason, always make sure you got it when you try to pass between them.

You will see numbers that will indicate the number of tokens you’ve successfully grabbed.

To earn points, simply earn the tokens and complete the level. The more tokens you grab, the better your score is.

Lastly, to complete a level you will have to land on the sun icon which will make you proceed to the next one. This is the main objective of the game, even though you will have to grab tokens.


Neopets Ready to Roll is a very simple game because even though you will not require much skills to play, the controls are easy. However, you will have to use your brain if you want to successfully get the tokens. The only thing needed to play this game is your left mouse button, which will be your cursor in the game. From there you will be able to rotate the screen so that you can bring the Yooyu to the direction of your choice. Some people prefer Yooyus to be moving slowly so that they can get a chance to think about the direction it is going to.

Neopets Ready to Roll Strategy & Cheats

A maximum score of 2450 points can be obtained through Neopets Ready to Roll. In order to get that, if for example you’re looking to get the top trophy, you will have to collect all of the tokens that you will encounter during the game.  Make sure that you don’t lose a life while doing so, though. You will have to move your Yooyu slowly because this is what most people prefer. People can think better when it is not moving fast, because it also prevents a life loss. Note that a maximum of 5 extra lives can be obtained, which means that you will not be able to get more than that even if you grab more tokens in a set of 10. Lastly, you will be able to grab points per token depending on your remaining lives. The more lives you have, the better your score will be.

If you have 1 life, you will be able to get a maximum of 8 points per token. Having 2 lives will get you a total of 9 points per token grabbed. 3 lives will result in 10 points per token, and 11 points per token will be obtained if you have 4 remaining lives. Lastly, 12 points will be given to you if you have 5 lives available.

There is no time during the game, so you will want to be careful. Your objective is, of course, to bring the Yooyu to the sun icon, but be careful about your lives. You do not want to lose them for no reason. If you feel that you are about to lose one, simply go backward if possible and wait. You will want to think, because less lives = less points. Unless you’re playing for fun, then all of your lives should be with you. If you happen to lose one by mistake, grab 10 tokens ASAP so that you will be given an extra life and from there you will be able to get the maximum amount of points again.

On rare occasions, there is a glitch that will make the Yooyu pass through the the walls and to finish the level easiers. You will want to use a different browser if it happens to you, because the fun wouldn’t be there. Unless you really like it, then it is up to you. It does most often happen with people who use the Chrome browser. Good luck.

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