Neopets Qasalan Expellibox

Neopets Qasalan Expellibox is a place located in the Lost Desert, where you can play to receive prizes that can be worth a good amount of Neopoints. Neopets Qasalan Expellibox will also give you the opportunity to have some fun because it is different than the other flash games.


You will have to, as a main objective, get rid of the swarm scarabs. The Neopians that are living there have had a hard time doing so and they were not happy with the scarabs, because they were bothering them. For that reason, they have build something called the Expellibox. For that reason you will want to remove the scarabs. You will be able to use that machine in order to take a scarab and to put it in it, and then you will be able to win a prize but it will depend on where the machine ends up, so you will require some luck there. If you’re very lucky, you will be able to win very nice prizes along with Neopoints that can add to your total NP count that is on hand.

You are able to play the game more than once per day, if you would like to do so. You will have to wait a total of eight hours between each play, though.


There are many icons that are related to this machine. The first one is the cross icon, then there is the gift icon. Another set of icons is the Neocash icon, Neopoints icon, and lastly skull icon.

Icon Information

For the Neocash icon part, you will be able to grab a cool prize if you get your scarab on the Neocash spot, for your advantage. However, you will have to be very lucky in order to do so. If you happen to land on that spot, you will be able to receive 5,000 Neopoints or alternatively 150 NC.

However, not all people can purchase Neocash. For that reason, if you land on a spot that lets you win Neocash, but you live in a country that does not allow you to do so, then you will be able to receive an alternative prize instead, so you will not be losing that much.

For the gift icon part, this one will be able to reward you if you land on the space that has that box on it. After that a prize of the following will be added to your inventory:

Altadorian Bread
Cobrall Dagger
Honey Filled Olive
Mummified Banana
Mummy Burrito
Abysmal Window
Brightvale Guide to Stained Glass Windows
Icky Fruit
Queela Crisp
Salt Mote
Scroll of Serpents
Curses of Qasala
Jug of Fresh Phearade
Spirit Of The Ruins Fizz
Twirly Fruit Grog
Qando Pita
Sand Grapes
Sand Squash
Scarab Cookie
Tome of Selket
Completely Non-lethal Sandwich
Dehydrated Ham and Eggs
Enhanced Solar Gauntlet
Intricate Qasalan Dagger
Laugh Grenade
Queela Bomb
The Qasalan Royal History

For the Skull icon, if you happen to land on it you will receive bad news for your disadvantage that you will not want. If you land on that space, your Neopet will be attacked by the thing you’ve just used, which is the scarab itself and you will have to cure it because the Neopets now has X disease. Alternatively, nothing will happen even though the scarab will attack your pet because Qasala will have insurance for him.

If you happen to land on the Neopoints Icon, you will be able to receive Neopoints that will be added to your on hand total. You will be able to receive one hundred Neopoints, two hundred and fifty Neopoints, five hundred Neopoints, one thousand Neopoints, and lastly two thousand Neopoints.

Finally, for the cross icon part, if you land on that spot you will get absolutely nothing. Good luck playing Neopets Qasalan Expellibox.

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