Neopets Qasalan Expellibox

Neopets Qasalan Expellibox is a game where you will be playing with the scarabs by depositing them into a machine to see your luck. Neopets Qasalan Expellibox will give you the opportunity to grab many cool prizes, along with stash of Neopoints, of course depending on your luck.


During the game of Neopets Qasalan Expellibox, there is a gift icon that will reward you with prizes, depending on where your scarab will lend.

The prizes are place respective.

Altador Prizes

Altadorian Bread
Cobrall Dagger
Honey Filled Olive
Mummified Banana
Mummy Burrito

Brightvale Prizes

Abysmal Window
Brightvale Guide to Stained Glass Windows
Icky Fruit
Queela Crisp
Salt Mote
Scroll of Serpents

Mystery Island Prizes

Curses of Qasala
Jug of Fresh Phearade
Spirit Of The Ruins Fizz
Twirly Fruit Grog

Sakhmet Prizes

Qando Pita
Sand Grapes
Sand Squash
Scarab Cookie
Tome of Selket

Virtupets Space Station Prizes

Completely Non-lethal Sandwich
Dehydrated Ham and Eggs
Enhanced Solar Gauntlet
Intricate Qasalan Dagger
Laugh Grenade
Queela Bomb
The Qasalan Royal History

You will also notice that some of the icons are skulled. These icons are unfortunate and will bring misfortune. These will either give your pet a disease by going to the hospital and purchasing a cure for your pet, or the scarab would be fleeing before the machine could send attacks directed to your Neopets. In either case, these events are not what one should seek.

Another icon is the Neopoints one. This will give you Neopoints as a reward depending on where the machine went. The prizes can be 100 NP, 250 NP, 500 NP, 1000 NP and 2000 NP.

Lastly, there is a Cross Icon that means you have won nothing (if you land on the spot).

Neopets Neopets Qasalan Expellibox Strategy & Cheats

There is really nothing you can do when it comes to strategy, simply because the game is all based on luck. All you will have to do is to bring scarabs, and to test your luck. That said, you will not even be able to use cheats there. Best thing you can do is to close your eyes and to try it. Good luck.

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