Neopets Pyramids

Neopets Pyramids is one of the basic games where you will be playing with cards to make it to the end. Neopets Pyramids is a fun game that will be able to hand out nice trophies upon successful completion.


During Neopets Pyramids, you will have cards set on a pyramid. You will have to start by clicking the cards that are on the bottom of the pyramid and from there you will be able to go up. On the top right of the screen, you will have a card. The card you will have to click on will have to be + or – 1. That means if the card is a 3, the one you will be clicking on it must be 2 or 4. If the card is a king, then the card you will click on must be a queen or a 1. Simple right?

Every time you will click on a card, the card that is a guide, on the top of the screen will change to the one you just clicked, from where you will be able to hunt for more cards if it is matching the + or – 1 rule. Your objective will be to head to the top of the pyramid from where you will be able to finish the game.

Sometimes the card will not be matching, so you will have to click on the pile to generate a new one. Once the pile hits 0 and you do not have any matching card, the game will be over.

Neopets Pyramids Strategy & Cheats

There isn’t really anything you will be able to do as the game require pure luck. It is recommended that if there is one card left on a side of the pyramid, and there are two on the other, that you go for the single one because it will then be able to open more cards that are on the upper level of the pyramid. You will be able to earn Neopoints from playing.

There are two types of trophy for this game. The first ones will be awarded after the game completion. Finishing the game twice will earn you the bronze trophy. If you manage to clear the pyramid five times, you will be given the silver trophy. Clearing the pyramid twice consecutively will earn you the golden trophy.

The other trophy is awarded if you make it to the high score table. However, people there have spent a lot of time so you will have to play there for a while if you would like to have one of these trophies.

Every three months your score will be reset, but your high score on your high score list will remain there. Good luck.

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