Neopets Petpet Battles

Neopets Petpet Battles is a very fun game where you will be taking your petpet to battle against another petpet. Neopets Petpet Battles will give the opportunity to your petpet to gain levels and to become stronger for later fights. Neopets Petpet Battles will also make sure that you battle against a petpet of your level, so you will most likely never fight against a petpet that is much more stronger than you.


To start playing Neopets Petpet Battles, you will have to enter your petpet in an arena that you will be given the opportunity to choose. After that you will see that there is a button on the screen that says enter the fray, which means that you must click in order to proceed. You will be able to battle with one of your petpets and it does not matter what color / species is your petpet. All what matters is that you will be automatically starting a battle, once you decide so, against an opponent.

You will also be able to battle against the petpet that is attached to your active Neopets, if you would like to. This game is not like when Neopets in the Battledome, because it is not as much serious. There is no weapons that you will be able to use and you will have to battle against the computer, which is a bot and then you will be given few options to choose from that you will be able to use in order to battle against your opponent. The options that you will be able to pick from are current body blow, shield and head shot.

You will be able to click on the button that shows you the options and from there you will be able to attack your opponent, or you can decide to defend yourself. The head shot is similar to the body blow but it will be less accurate than the body blow, simply because the head is harder to hit. Note that the head shot will, however, cause more damage to your opponent’s petpet if you manage to hit him. For that reason you will want to choose which of the two options you would want to use depending of the left HP.

When you start the game you will be shown your petpet along with the level below it. Then it will say X petpet health: and it will then give a percentage of how many of his HP is left. If you have just started the game, then your starting HP should be 100%. The opponent’s petpet will be starting with the same amount of health as you. There will be also a shield in green at the bottom of the screen. This is an opportunity that you can use to defend yourself when you decide to use the shield in the options list.


In order to level up, you must win against the opponent. You will lose a level for every time your petpet loses a point. Every time you will accumulate a total of 10 points with your petpet, you will be able to proceed to the next level and from there you will have to start at zero once again. Note that your petpet will be able to keep their level and it doesn’t matter if you lose or if you wait years before you play again. If you want your petpet to go back to level 1, you will have to unequip and then to equip the petpet once again to your Neopet. However, some people don’t like to do that because the petpet is aging when you give it to your Neopet and once you remove it in order to add it back again, its age will go back to 0. However, that is not a disadvantage or whatever, so if this is not something that bothers you, then go ahead and do it.

If you do not want to play Neopets Petpet Battles, then you should not worry because there are also other ways that will be able to give you an extra level to your petpet (note that they are risky and that your petpets can be eaten/vanish), however note that you will have to be lucky and that doing so can cause your petpet from not being with you anymore. The first method is if you decide to visit the Turmaculus, which is located in Meridell. That’s the king of all the Turmacs and you will have to go see him to see if you are able to wake him up. If you successfully manage to, he can give you a level, do something to your Neopet, etc, etc but he can also EAT your petpet, so you will have to choose wisely before visiting him.

The other option is to go to the petpet labray that will be able to, sometimes, raise the level of your petpet by 1 but note that if you decide to do so your petpet CAN VANISH by a zap from the lab ray. So you will want to avoid these methods if you’re too attached to your petpet.

Neopets Petpet Battles Strategy & Cheats

There is no strategy for this game as you will have to see if you can win or not, simply as that. Note that the level of your petpet does not matter besides playing in Neopets Petpet Battles so thinking that it helps your Neopet become stronger, etc is not true at all. You will have to train your petpet only to play there and to have a chance to earn a shiny new trophy.

A total of 36 points will be needed to achieve the maximum score. If you play Neopets Petpet Battles at the beginning of the month you will have a chance to win these nice looking trophies, too. You will want to know that there are no avatars or bonuses associated with playing this game. Some people prefer to not play it because it is boring and repetitive. However, if you play the Altador Cup, which is also a repetitive game, then why not play Neopets Petpet Battles? That said you will want to start raising the level of your petpet.

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