Neopets Godori

Neopets Godori is a nice game where you will be found in the mountains of Shenkuu, with the ability to wander on the bridges, and from there you will be able to find the exotic architecture. Neopets Godori will give you the ability to show off your cards and gaming skills, so that you can smash your opponents in no time.

Know your Cards

During the game of Neopets Godori, you will have to know your deck of cards, so that you will know where you will be going and what exactly you will be aiming at. A total of 48 cards will be found in the deck of Godori, and each single one of them will represent one Neopian from the Neopia world. A total of four cards will represent each one of the 12 worlds, which are respectively Altador, Tyrannia, Virtupets Space Station, Terror Mountain, Haunted Woods, Krawk Island, Meridell, Lost Desert, Mystery Island, Roo Island, Faerieland, Roo Island and Shenkuu.

There will also be cards which will have a star on them, and these will mean that those you are currently holding are very valuable. You will want to get them, atleast, if you are not able to obtain them all, then aim to get a total of three of them. You will be given extra points if you have three of them, but remember that the set must not have the Haunted Woods card in them. If it is there, then no extra points will be awarded to you simply because the card is too good.

There will be also, during the game of Neopets Godori, petpets cards which are not very valuable because they don’t do much. In the contrary of what has been previously said, the flying petpets cards are valuable and you will have to get them in order to fulfill a large proportion of the game. The petpets cards in order are Mystery Island, Roo Island, Haunted Woods, Tyrannia, Krawk Island, Altador, Space Station, and Faeriland whereas the three last ones are those who regroup the flying petpets. These are what you should be aiming for so that you can get a slight advantage during the game.

The Altador Cup cards are the same are the petpets cards, but these aren’t really of value when it comes to be in a group. Each of the three subsets you will find will give you a total of five additional points to your additional count. Each one of them will be able to do that. These cards are usually hard to remember.


During the game, you will have to play against your active Neopet. That is sad to have to play against him or her, but your goal will also be to win the game. Your main objective will be to have 50 points before him. If he manages to get 50 points before you, then the game is over and you will have to restart to game for a second chance to win against him. The good thing about this game is that even if you’re behind your opponent, it will be possible to catch up from there, so that even if you’re not just slightly, but a lot behind your opponent, you will still be able to be victorious. To do that simply make sure that your Neopet do not get the valuable cards, and from there your advantage will start to slightly rise with the game.

Once you click on the button that says Play Godori, you will be granted with greets, which is not really important for this game. You will be able to have a look at your Neopet’s cards, and that by simply looking at the top of yours, which can be located at the bottom of the screen. These cards that you will have to collect will be displayed on the left side of the screen, all the way to the right so you can see them on your hand. The respective order that will show you the cards is the Neopets one, then the petpets cards, after that comes the Altador Cup cards and lastly, the Neopia World cards comes in last.

You will also notice that you are able to change the game speed so that you can make it in a way to suit your needs.

Neopets Godori will allow the game play to be different than other card games, because this one will be organized by the hands, and from there a total of twenty plays will be available for you and from there, ten of them can be played by you. The other ten will be played by your Neopet. When it is your time to play (in other words, your turn), simply choose a card from your hand, which should have been taken directly from your deck, then start playing. The card will have to be on a stack, or on the table, but you will have to choose wisely. You will be able to put them in the stack by the world associated to them. In other words, you will be able to choose a world, let’s say, Faerieland, and you will have to start a different stack on the table, so that you can respect the rules of the game.

In order to capture the cards, you will have to match 2 or 4 of them. During the game, almost always you will be only able to make pairs of cards, but from there if you get one, or three of them on rare occasions when you start the game, or even if the deck is procuding a card of the same world of the one you are trying to produce, then you will be able to be given a really nice opportunity, which consists of having all of the four cards in one world at the same time for each different card.

Whenever you have successfully played your current card from your hand, the top one that is the first one on your deck will then be placed on the table for you to see and to use. Every one of these cards that you will be choosing is the key so that you can finish the game the way you want, and from there many tips can be used to make it work. You will be able, from there to follow a strategy that will be given to you later from our experience of the game, or to set up your own so that you can dominate with your own tactics.

The main goal of the game will be to get as many cards as you can from your opponent. You will want to grab the most you can if you want to finish the game and beat your opponent that is your own Neopet. You will be able to play as many times as you want though, so even if you lose, your opponent will be able to fight you again to give you a chance to win. If you win, you can also decide to play more to try and beat your opponent again, and continue having fun with him.

When you start playing, it will be at first a little bit not evident to play, and it will cause you some trouble. It is not a problem though, because the more you play, the easier the game will get and from there you will be able to play in “relax mode”. It is recommended that you start by putting the speed of the game on slow so that you can see what is happening the slow way. This apply for all people who haven’t played for a long period of time, to help them reintroduce the game. You will want to set the game to medium, after that, so that things will get slightly faster because you already have a good knowledge of the game. If, later, you have played a bunch of times and you think that the medium speed is slow, simply put it to faster so that you can set up your own strategy and try to win the game, without worrying about what you can not understand, because everything is easy for you.

Score & Points

The scoring is very complicated for this game because it always depends on the set of cards, of what you play, of the cards you have grabbed, etc. You will be able to click on your Neopet’s score to see it, so that you know who is leading and just remember that you will have to play in the best and most successful way. You will know by yourself who is leading, without looking at your score. For that reason, if you see, after clicking on your Neopet’s score that you are losing, then it will be no surprise to you. The game is logic in that way.

Neopets Godori Strategy & Cheats

During Neopets Godori, it is recommended that you set your own strategy because every set of cards is different, but we will be able to provide few tips for you to use, so that you know what to do. We will also provide a strategy for you to use, that works most of the time.

Start off by knowing which cards are associated for which worlds, so that you can get familiar with them and not ask yourself a thousand questions. From there, you will be able to analyze your hand that contain these cards before the game begins, so that you can get a head start. When the Neopets card is on there, you will have to grab it as soon as possible, simply because your Neopet will do so before you if you don’t. Also, remember that these cards have a star on them, which makes them unique and these are very very powerful, so you can turn your game into your favor when you have them. It is also recommended to try and accumulate a total of three of them, without getting the Haunted Woods one because then you will be able to receive more points that will be added to your additional count.

Any card that is Neopet related should be grabbed ASAP, and any that is associated with the world of Neopia should also be grabbed to get an advantage over your opponent. Note that if your Neopet has cards that contain Neopets on his / her hands, they are not going to be able to play it. That won’t guarantee you will be able to take the card at the end phase, however, but it will give you a chance to do so in two different methods. The first one is if your Neopet do not have a card at all, whereas the second one is when he is forced to play it. From there you can rely on luck to get the card from the deck.

The first player that will have to make the first move is not always the same, but it is better when your Neopet decides to go first because from there you will be able to receive the final card placed directly in the deck. This is an advantage for you and that explains what has been previously said. You will maybe think that having the last card in the deck is little to no important at all, but know that it will be of a great help when a Neopet card is in your hand (that has a star on it).

If you manage to get a Neopet card in your hands and the second one from the world then you will be able to match the current cards. You will not be able, from there, to be robbed off your cards. When the first pair of X world has been successfully matched, you will be able to play one of the cards at any given time. In other words, it does not matter if you have a good play or not as long as you have a stack and that you capture Neopets cards before your opponents, because those will be fundamental for the victory of the game.

On rare occasions, the Neopets cards will not be worth a lot if you have, like previously said, less than three of them in your hands. If you can get three of them in a single hand, then you will have to be sure that your Neopet gets the Haunted Woods one, other wise one point will be deducted from the set.

If you are not able to get all of the three Neopets cards, then try to break them in a way so that your opponent is not able to get them. If they are worthless for you, for now, then your opponent will be maybe waiting to get X number of missing Neopets cards, and if you friendly hand them to him, then he will smash you in the later game. For that reason, you will prefer breaking them so that if you can not get an advantage from them, you will know that your opponent, your Neopet will also not be able to get benefit from them. Good luck.

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