Neopets Go! Go! Go!

Neopets Go! Go! Go! is another card game that was one of the first ones created by Neopets. Neopets Go! Go! Go! is located in Tyrannia and is easy to learn, if you read carefully. Neopets Go! Go! Go! has proved itself to be sometimes a tricky game to master, because a lot of luck is involved in it and not many people have what it takes to play it.


During the game of Neopets Go! Go! Go!, you will have to place one card from your hand that is the same or greater than the current number. The two is the lowest card, and the ace is the highest card in the game. As an example, if you have a card that is 7, then you will be able to play a card that is 7,8,9,10,J,Q,K or ace because those are higher than it. If you have a higher number than one card of this current type, then you will be able to play all of them at the same time, and you will be able to place two cards down at the same time.


You will only be able to place two on any card than is other than a three card.

You are only able to play an odd numbered card on a three. (1,3,5…)

You are only able to place an even numbered card on a four (2,4,6…)

If you manage to place a ten on the pile of cards, then that pile will clear and the cards will disappear. From there, you will be able to take another turn and place your desired card.

If you happen to complete a set of card, then the pile will be cleared so that you can get another turn, which is considered as “extra”.

If you are trying to play but a legal move can not be done, then you will have to add the cards to the pile. Once you’ve played them, if less then three cards are on your hands, which are left, then you will be able to draw another card from the stack, unless the current pile of deck is empty. When it is your opponent’s turn, simply wait until they click on the Continue button so that it becomes your turn once again.

For the face up part, when you get rid from all your cards that are on your hand, then you will be able to play a total of 4 face up cards. These face up cards will be playable in the same way, but the only difference they provide is that you will only be able to play one of them per turn. If you are not able to move, then you will have to play your card that is the lowest numbered and take the pile.

For the face down part, when you get rid from all the face up cards, you will be able to go to the next phase, where you will have to play the face down cards. These face down cards can sometimes be tricky as you will not be able to see which one you will have to play because they are, like their name says, face down. If the move you do is illegal, which means to your disadvantage, then note that you will have to pick up back the entire pile that you will have to play with, which can be considered as a big loss.

For the rounds, when you have played all the cards that were in your hand, including the face up cards and the face down ones, then you will be able to be the first to win the round and win a given amount of Neopoints. From there, you will be able to go further to the next round, and there you will be able to face more challenging opponents. If you do not have a trophy it, just like in Cheat!, you will be able to be given one. If all of your cards have been played but you’re not the first one that has done it, then you will be given Neopoints. However, note that you will not be able to go to further rounds and no trophy will be awarded to you. For this reason, make sure that you beat your opponents to receive a shiny trophy. There is not high score table for this game, which means any one who plays the game will be able to receive the golden trophy. This is good for trophy hunters as they will increase their set by few clicks.

Neopets Go! Go! Go! Strategy & Cheats

Always save the twos you have for the moment you really need them. In other words, you will not want to use your twos for nothing because you will then lose your chance of using them when you actually need them. Use the tens that you have, if you have any, if the pile contain a lot of cards. If your enemy has an advantage on you, and he is going to win the current game, simply play the higher cards in your deck for a chance to have a slight chance of not letting him take the victory. It does not always work, though, and it is not a guaranteed fail to your opponent, but it will reduce their chance of winning. Better try that than to lose the game. Remember to play the three cards or the four cards whenever it is possible so that you can get rid of them. Since they are the lowest numbered cards, you will want to get rid of them as soon as possible and from there you will have a slight advantage over your opponent. Lastly, remember that the aces are useful because they are the highest cards, and can be played over any other card. The only thing that it will not be “good” against are the threes. A bronze trophy will be rewarded if you complete level 2, a silver trophy is rewarded upon successful comlpetion of level 5, and a golden trophy is awarded when you complete level 8. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun.

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