Neopets Dice Escape

Neopets Dice Escape is a game for puzzle amateurs that involves your arrow keys, but also a good knowledge of the game. You will have to use your brain to get to the victory. Neopets Dice Escape can be very fun as a pastime, but you will have to play few times to get better at it.


During the game, you will have to move your die on the board so that you can reach the exit tile. This is actually your main objective. Upon successfully exiting the place and, therefore, the level, its face will have to match the exit tile. If, for example, the face of the die is pointing to the sky and you get there, the level will not complete. It is necessary to be face down. In order to move the die, you will have to press the appropriate key that is located on your keyboard. The arrow keys is what you will have to press. At the end you will be presented with a guide for each level to help you finish them the effective way. Furthermore, you should know that every level contain a coin that can be collected for you to earn more extra points. You will have a total of 3 lives for you to keep. You can lose a life if you ran out of time, if you fell off and dropped down or, finally, if you drop in the lava pool. Once you’re out of lives, the game will be over then.

Know Your Tiles

During the game, you will be 100% of the times on tiles. However, as there are many of them, you will have to do a small memorizing in order to learn more and know what to dodge and what to go on.

The first one is a white tile with a point dot. If you land on this tile, you will be successfully able to complete the current level. Note that the face of your die will have to go down on the tile, otherwise the level will not be completed.

The second tile is the red one that looks like lava. If you land on this one, you will lose a life. Avoid it at any cost.

Another tile is the one that has green gas coming out of it. This one will be able to teleport you to another tile that is matching it. Use it wisely, and not unnecessarily because every time you move you are losing points if you decide to go after a super high score or after a trophy.

After that comes the cube with red circles on it. This tile will disappear once you land on it, so you may only use it once by landing on it. Don’t necessarily go on it, though, because your strategy can fail. Instead think and once you feel sure, then go ahead and walk on it with your die.

The blue tile with three dots will lower the raised tiles.

Lastly, a blue tiles with nothing on it will not be able to be used until you are able to lower it. For that reason, you will have to land on the previous one first.

Score & Points

Every level you will be playing will start you up with a total of 100 points and a timer that will give you a maximum of 60 seconds. You are awarded points on every level depending on the time you take for the level to successfully complete, along with the number of moves you actually do. If you spend a lot of time to complete the current level, you will receive only few bonus points. Same thing applies if you use many moves unnecessarily. This is why you will need some fast thinking too. If you’re too worried, there is no problem. We will provide a guide at the very end to help you.

Note that every time you make a move you will lose a total of 4 points. Additionally, you will be able to receive bonus points, and that by collecting all of the coins that can be found during the levels. One can can be found for every level for you to grab. The value of them is actually random and can award you with 5 points, 10 points or even 25 points. An avatar can be awarded to you if you manage to get a minimum of 1,000 points.

Neopets Dice Escape Cheats & Guide

You will be able to type few codes to cheat during the game. Use them for your own advantage. The first one is flybywire, which will allow you to see the game from another way. topdown is the second code that will allow you to see the game by the way the bird sees it. For both of them, they do not really contribute to your points. If you don’t like them, simply type them again and you will go back at your first angle of view. After that, you can type moretimeruki to reset the current timer. This can be done once per game and should be used in the later levels, simply because you will require much more time there to complete the level. Lastly, typing helpmeplease will allow you to reset the current timer, just by typing a different code. Again, it can only be used once per game so use it wisely.

We took the time to make a guide for you, for each level so that you get less trouble completing them in case you’re going after the avatar. It is also recommended to follow it if you’re going after a super high score or after the trophy.

Level 1: for the first level, simply go all the way UPward to reach the destination. Easy, eh?

Level 2: Press the UP then the RIGHT arrow key.

Level 3: Press UP four times, then RIGHT one time, UP two times, then LEFT one time.

Level 4: Press LEFT two times, UP to the end, then LEFT to the end.

Level 5: Press UP, LEFT, UP to the end, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT two times.

Level 6: Press LEFT 5 times, UP, LEFT, DOWN, UP, DOWN, RIGHT two times, UP two times, RIGHT three times, UP, RIGHT, UP three times, then LEFT once.


Level 8: Press DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN two times, LEFT two times, DOWN to the end, RIGHT.

Level 9: Press LEFT two times, UP, LEFT, UP, LEFT, UP, LEFT, UP three times.

Level 10: Press UP, RIGHT three times, DOWN two times, RIGHT, DOWN to the end, RIGHT to the end.

Level 11: Press UP to the end, LEFT to the END.

Level 12: Press UP, then DOWN.

Level 13: Press UP, LEFT two times, UP two times, LEFT two times, RIGHT, UP two times, RIGHT to the end, DOWN.

Level 14: Press UP two times, LEFT, UP two times, DOWN three times, LEFT five times, DOWN, UP three times, RIGHT three times, UP two times, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT two times, DOWN, LEFT five times, UP, LEFT.

Level 15: Press LEFT three times, UP two times, RIGHT 5 times, UP three times, DOWN, LEFT two times, then UP.

Level 16: Press LEFT four times, UP two times, LEFT two times, UP to the end, RIGHT to the end.

Level 17: Press LEFT two times, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT five times, UP, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT.

Level 18: Press RIGHT, LEFT four times, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN two times, LEFT, UP, LEFT.

Level 19: Press RIGHT three times, UP, LEFT two times, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP two times, LEFT three times, UP three times, LEFT, UP.

Level 20: Press LEFT three times, UP, LEFT two times, UP, RIGHT two times, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT four times, UP two times, LEFT, UP to the end.

Level 21: Press UP two times, LEFT four times, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT.

Level 22: Press UP, LEFT, UP, LEFT, UP.

Level 23: Press RIGHT, UP two times, LEFT, UP to the end.

Level 24: Press UP four times, LEFT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT, UP.

Congratulations, you’ve beat the game.

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