Neopets Deckball

Neopets Deckball is a game that comes of Mr. Roboto where many difficulties will be presented to you. Neopets Deckball will give you the opportunity to admire one of the oldest games on Neopets so far, and it is also a great game for soccer fans.


During the Survival Mode game, you will be able to pick your character, which is the Mirgle or the Pawkeet for a soccer match. You will have to use the arrow keys that are located on your keyboard to control the players. From there, you will be able to make a goal through the opponents goal, past the goalie. Unlike Yooyuball, this game does not have a time limit. However, don’t make false hopes, the computer is quite hard in this game and if you haven’t managed to score, your opponent will usually score on yours in half a minute.

During the Timed game, you will be given a total of three minutes to score against the computer, just like the time given to you in Yooyuball. This is doable, as there is a lot of time on your hands. Be careful though, as the computer will want to score against you and don’t under estimate him.

A total of five different goals will have to be scored before the computer, or you, win. As for the Neopoints, it all depends on your quickness. The quickest you are to score goals, the more Neopoints you will earn, which should motivate you a bit.

Ingame Random Events

Few powerups will come in as random events, where you will be given a little extra boost. They are usually rare and will last for the round, down to few seconds for you to use. Below is a list that you can use as a guide, to know your powerups and obstacles and learn what are the effects they will provide.

The first powerup is the one with a pirate picture that will make your petpet slow down. Only your petpet, though, not the other ones.

The second picture that looks like a white clock will give you extra speed, which means that your petpet will become quicker.

Barriers will sometimes appear on your boat, which will prevent you from moving. They are there most likely for the whole round and you will not be able to do anything to remove them before then.

Some wooden blocks will appear next to your goal which will give a chance for the team, that is next to the block, to have a better chance to win simply because it will block the ball from entering the goal, giving a slight advantage and unbalancing the game.

Neopets Deckball Strategy & Tips

It is recommended that you play in a defensive way if you’re on Survival mode, simply because the time you will have is infinite, thus you will be able to take your time while playing. Always stay on the side of the field, so that if the ball will be shot to your goal, the Mirgle will be able to prevent it simply because he is fastest on that difficulty. During the points mode, it is the best to play offensively as you will not receive any penalty if the Mirgle decides to score a number of goals, that is less than five.

However, if you decide to play on the Timed mode, your Neopoints will depend on the number of goals you will score, whereas a maximum of 1000 NP will be awarded to you after a total of 7 goals.

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