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This site will teach you all you need to know about how to save Neopoints, Restock, collect, and become the Neo Master you’ve always wanted to become, with or without the use of cheats! The other part of our website offers a great set of Autobuyers, Cheats, and Hacks that are sure to make your Neopet life easier than a slice of Negg Pie! Just follow the instructions on each link and you’ll be shown exactly how to install your new Autobuyer or cheating tool, which then you’ll be able to use right away!

Our Autoplayer section features several great autoplayers that will refresh and play some games for you! With this you’ll never have to worry about clicking over and over again in Dice-A-Roo for that silly avatar again. Just plug in our program and the game will play its self! Our Autobuyer tools are very simple to use. Offering a fast and easy way to outspeed other buyers in the main shops, you’ll be able to restock that Draik Morphing Potion before the other buyers even know what hit them!

We also offer help and advice on using the program Greasemonkey. This is what allows you to use many of our autobuyers and codes, as well as many things like ad blockers and other tools that’ll make playing Neo-pets super easy!

Below you’ll find a small snippet of our most popular articles!

Greasemonkey is an essential browser add-on, that enables you to use our wide assortment of scripts (programs).
The autobuyer lets you automatically buy from the Main Shops! Easily snipe MPs, Stamps, r99s, and more!
Score Sender
Want to easily get game avatars, or get on the high score boards to get trophies? The Score Sender allows you to get any score in any game!
Money Tree Grabber
Neopians are always mistakenly donating expensive items, or their just may be some overly generous neopians! Either way, the MT Grabber will snipe items from the MT for you!

One-Click Neopets Dailies
With our one-click dailies, you no longer have to spend a long time doing your dailies. Just let the page load, and most of your dailies will be auto-completed!
Lunar Temple Puzzle
The Lunar Temple is a daily you can do everyday, just solve the easy puzzle using our guide to claim your prize! Chance of winning a expensive petpet, Pygui!
Buried Treasure
Buried treasure is a game of complete luck! There isn’t any magic spot to pick on the map, but some continuously pick the same coordinates as their lucky number!
Mysterious Negg Cave
The Mysterious Negg Cave is a bit more of a tedious daily that requires some time, so most only complete this daily in hopes of retrieving the avatar.

Neopoints Generator
A refresher tool that is meant to obtain you NP, with the use of Random Events!
Paint Brush
An all exclusive guide going over different paint brushes, and their uses.
Unfreeze your Account
Got your account disabled? Look no further for a guide on how to unfreeze your account!
Secret Ninja Training School
Looking for a guide on where the elite of the elite train their Battledome pets?

Game Guides
Array of Bytes Games Hack
Use Cheat Engine to hack Neopets game in your favor (unl lives, unl points, etc)!
Kass Basher
How far will you be able to swing the Kass out of the ballpark?
Chemistry for Beginners
Chemistry for Beginners is a simple game of hypothetical molecular science.
Pakiko is your neo-version of the popular bubble-shooter game!