Neopets the Rainbow Pool

Neopets the Rainbow Pool is located in Neopia central where you will have to bring your Neopet and a paint brush. Neopets the Rainbow Pool will give you the opportunity to paint your Neopet to change its color to the one of your choice, if you have what it takes.

How to Proceed

At first, you will have to get a paint brush and you will have to get there. It can be one of your choice, that is usable.

To receive Paint Brushes, you will have to purchase them, to participate in contests to receive them as prizes, they can be obtained from random events, etc. Some of them are also in the Hidden Tower like the Baby Paint Brush, the Darigan Paint Brush, the Maractite Paint Brush, and the Royal Paint Brush. If you have enough Neopoints, depending on the Paint Brush you’re looking for, you can go to the trading post from where you can trade or to purchase one for yourself. There are some on the Shop Wizard for the lower end ones, and lastly you can snipe them in the auction house, however many people will be trying to do so, which means that you will require some good sniping skills.

After that, go to the Rainbow Pool and make sure that your Paint Brush is actually in your inventory, from where you will want to click on the pool that is located on the bottom. You will then have to select the Paint Brush that you will want to use.

There will be all of your Neopets on the bottom of the screen and the Paint Brush will be on the top of them. You will see a drop down menu with an arrow on it, click on that arrow for the Neopets you would like to paint and select the Paint Brush. For example if you have a Blue Kacheek that is name BOB, then go find BOB on the bottom of the screen and click on the arrow to look at the drop down menu. From there, if you wanted to paint him Darigan and you have a Darigan Paint Brush in your inventory, you will be able to select Darigan (that will be the color you will want to paint him with), then proceed to submit. You will then see that your Neopets color has changed, and you will be able to enjoy.

Some Paint Brushes are not usable. The Lutari Paint Brush is an example and it is only for collectors. Have fun.

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