Neopets Splat-A-Sloth

Neopets Splat-A-Sloth is a game that is one of the first to have been created in Neopets. It is a very old game that is similar to the copied version of Neopets Dar-BLAT!!! Neopets Splat-A-Sloth is where you aregiven the opportunity to have a bat in your hands and to wait a plushie version of sloth to splat him with it, and to earn points from there.


Your main objective, when you decide to play Neopets Splat-A-Sloth is to splat the sloth that comes out of the tube. The controls are really simple, and all you have to do is to actually hit the space bar whenever you see him so that you can splat him and earn points that are generated from there. You receive a bigger amount of points if you hit the end of the sloth from his right than if you hit his head, because it will mean that you reaction time was very quick and effective. From there, you can destroy him.

Once you successfully hit the sloth that comes out of the tube, you are shown the amount of points that you’ve got from the game but you do not decide whether or not you will want to send your score. For that reason, you will want to be as quick as possible in order to receive the maximum amount of points that you can. If you are slow and do not manage to hit the sloth, you will hear a big and loud laugh that will be of Dr. Sloth himself and you will then be given the option to the try game once again. This sound is very, very annoying and there is actually no way to turn it off (unless you turn off the sound on your computer) simply because Neopets Splat-A-Sloth is a very old game.

Make sure that you do not actually keep the space bar pushed when you fail at splatting sloth because this will lead in a game freeze and you will not proceed. You have the newspaper to splat the sloth, but make sure that you only do so when at least a total of 2 seconds comes by when Neopets Splat-A-Sloth starts. If you do it quickly, you may hit the metal part that the tube is on and the game will not respond anymore. If that happens, you simply refresh the game. For that reason, you do not want to keep the space bar pushed, because you would think that this way you can hit the sloth, but in reality that will not work.

The Sloth will appear on the screen at a random time. The time can be between two and 15 seconds, and there is no way that you can use to make it come faster. You have to be ready for the time he appears. There is a maximum score that can be obtained from this game, and it is actually 500. However, to achieve that, you must hit the sloth before he appears. Doesn’t make any sense, but this is really what will give you a score of 500 points. It will then go for a review by TNT, and you will finally receive it after a verification. The verification is there to avoid cheaters at succeeding at getting better score. When TNT reviews a score, it is to make sure that the legitimate players are rewarded for their efforts (trophy, avatar, etc) while the cheater gets frozen.

Neopets Splat-A-Sloth Strategy & Cheats

During the game, a good method to splat that sloth successfully is by staring at the red tube that will be open, and from there you have to wait. The black whole is where he will come out from first. You also have to make a quick move with your eyes so that you can get ready for the times he pops out in.

If you are playing on a Desktop computer where there is a keyboard that is attached to your computer, usually these keyboards will have the button keys popped out a little, then proceed and press the space bar a little. Make sure that the space bar is almost half pressed, depending of your keyboard or even more if the keyboards lets you but make sure that the space bar is not completely hit. You do not want to hit the space bar because you then just fail directly. Once this is done, wait for the sloth to appear and hit him with it. You can notice that this trick is perfect because when the sloth appears, you’ll see him and your reflexes will most likely allow you to hit him, however, since the space bar is popped out, it will take few fractions of second the time you press it and this will most likely result in a game over. You want to press it a little and when you see him, quickly press it.

For people who have a laptop, usually the keyboard is already thin and you do not really need to press the key. For that reason, you simply stare at the red tube from where the sloth will pop out, and press the space bar. The points that will be awarded to you, will depend of your reflexes. The quicker you are, the better your points. Hitting his head will give you more points, however if you manage to hit the right side (his “legs”) then you receive more points because that will mean you have been faster.

If you’re going after a trophy, you have to know that Neopets Splat-A-Sloth is a little bit different that most of the other games  because many people will be achieving the same score. The maximum score that can be obtained from the game is set at 500, and once 100 people are on the high score table with 500 points, which is very likely to happen, then the high score table will start to rotate, meaning that if someone sends a score of 500 points as the 101th person, then he will be given 1st place. Then the 102th person to reach a score of 500 will take the first spot and the second person will be bumped to the second one. For that reason, the trophies are random but if you are quick enough, you can manage to get it at the first the of the month if you’re lucky. Usually there are not as much as 100 people on the high score table during the first day of the month, so if you manage to score in the 17 first spots, you will be granted a trophy.

A last strategy which is very useful is to make sure that you hit the space bar after a fixed amount of time. This strategy is recommended to the people that are going after the 500 score, simply because you have to hit the sloth before he appears, which is very hard. How can you actually hit something if you haven’t seen it? Luck! Press the space bar after 5 seconds from the start of the game, after some hours, at a given time you will achieve the 500 score.

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