Neopets Spinacles

Neopets Spinacles is a really fun game where you will have to shoot balls to the middle of the screen, where there are many of different colors in order to make a set of matching colors and to collect points. Neopets Spinacles will give you the opportunity to become better at games where precise shooting and aiming is really important because it determines whether you’re good, or not. Neopets Spinacles is what you want to play if you want to play some of the older games that started on the Nintendo.


Your main objective when you play the game of Neopets Spinacles is really simple. All you have to do is to actually clear the balls that you will find located in the middle of the screen for all of the levels that you’ll be playing on. In the middle of the screen there are many balls of different colors that are together, and you have to match them with their respective colors, by making groups of them. Given a ball of X color where in the middle of the screen there are many balls of X Y Z… colors that you will have to match it with. A total of a minimum of three balls is required in order to make the set disappear and earn points for them. For example, let’s say you have a red ball in your cannon. In the middle there is a set of 4 yellow balls, 6 blue balls, 1 green ball, and 2 red balls. You want to shoot on the red ball in order to make a set that consists a minimum of three balls, and from there you proceed to successfully gather your points automatically.

Make sure that you note the firing new balls will make the balls in the middle of the screen to rotate. This is perfect and not perfect at the same time because sometimes there will be many colors that you won’t not need. For example, it can happen that you have a red ball in your cannon as the second shot, and that there is none on the circle in the middle of the screen. Well, there is two together but they are below and you can not reach them. The current ball you have is orange and there is none of the orange color. How would you proceed? It is simple, all you have to do is to actually shoot with the orange ball in an horizontal direction in order to make the circle rotate, and from there you would reach the red balls set for your next turn.

The controls of the game are really simply, and you’ll not have to be a master genius in order to learn them. You have to use your mouse, as a main tool in order to move the arrow at the top of the screen in the direction you want. The cannon will always follow your mouse and you use your cursor in order to aim at X location. After that, you want to click on the left button so that you can successfully shoot to the designed location you have chosen. Make sure that you know the game is ending when the structure will become too big and you are not able to get on all the balls that or on it. Once the edge of the game screen enter in contact with the circle, the game will be over and you proceed to send your score, or alternatively to restart the game if that score was not what you were looking for.

The game can be quite long, so for people who are playing it simply to earn Neopoints, it is recommended to look at the NP ratio that the game is providing in order to have an idea of the amount of points you actually need for X amount of NP (1000), then you can proceed to earn near that amount of points. When this is done, instead of dying purposely, click on the end game that is located on the top right side of the screen from where you’ll end the current game and to send your score much more quickly. Note that there is a total of two balls that will be shown to you, which are present in your cannon. You are not obligated to shoot the first one and to let the second one for later. All you have to do is to press the space bar on your keyboard in order to switch between them. That will give you an easier time to do combos of balls if you can not find a set for the first ball, in the circle on the middle of the screen.

Firing a ball will add more balls to the structure, unless you manage to get rid of a set. If you shoot a ball and it does not go on the middle of the screen (usually it is easy to shoot in the middle and you’ll most likely not fail at that), more balls will then get added in the middle. You may think that this is a good thing to do simply because you collect more points. That is true for the first levels because on these the amount of balls in the circle will be so low that you finish the game more easily. You can then use that way to farm up more points. However, when you reach the later levels, you will notice that the amount of balls have dramatically increased and all you want to do is to get rid of them before they become bigger and bigger, thus touching the edge of the screen and result in a game over.

You can miss a total of 5 balls, and that can be done before another 5 extra balls are added to the set, that is located in the center of the screen. The more you advance in the game, the more difficult it becomes. Fortunately, there is not timer on this game and for that reason you have more time to think and to see what you can do from what you actually have. Later in the game you do not want to miss balls because it is easier for you to lose, simply because the number of the balls that are on the middle of the screen is much more higher.

If you would like to have the game end, you need to know that one of these balls that are located on the middle of the screen, on the pivoting circle, must touch the wall. That means if a lot of balls are fired but not many combinations are being successfully done, the circle will become bigger. However, note that there is a way to counter this and this is by firing a ball on them so that you are able to rotate it. Basically, you are shooting from the top of the screen, with your cannon, to the middle. From there the balls will accumulate if you don’t get rid of them. But the thing is that there is only one side of the circle that is filled with balls, which is the one that is directly after your cannon ball. You shoot in the appropriate angle in order to make it rotate to the other side. From there, you continue to shoot on the middle without having to deal with a big number of these balls.

Power ups

Obviously, there are many power ups that you can use for your advantage, otherwise the game would be too boring. You need these to get a little boost. Below is a list that describes them and you read it in order to get a global and better idea of the game.

The spinacle of any color is a regular one that you play with. They come in different colors and these will have to be matched in order to collect points, and to make them fall off the middle of the screen. These are basics and will not provide any power up. They are the main element of the game.

Seconly, there is the bombs. These bombs will explode when it is fired at the balls that are on the middle of the screen. Once you shoot, it will go directly to them and from there the balls will explode, giving you an advantage. This is recommended to use when there are sets of balls that are blocking your way, simply because you do not need them and you are being really bothered. This bomb will then remove them, giving you an easier time hitting the other ones.

There is also the perimeter power up which will remove all the balls that are located outside, on the edge of the circle of balls. This is perfect when there are many balls that are on each other, and they are about to touch the edge of the gaming screen. Using this power up will then get rid of them and than restart.

There is also a ball with a little + sign on it, which will give you a free shot that you will use. Even though this one is not really helpful, it is an extra ball and if you miss it, it will not count for the 5 missed balls that can be seen in the actual game. Note that once this ball lands, it will take the color of the one that is on it. You must know that if you do not want to make false set of balls, otherwise you can be disadvantaged.

The rainbow color balls can be used in order to match any set of colors. This is a very useful power up if you’ve been always receiving the wrong color and the middle balls are accumulating. From there you can use this one and to get rid of any group of your choice (you must go after the one that is bothering you the most if you would like to remain alive in the game).

Score & Points

It is recommended for people who are trying to achieve a super high score, or if they are alternatively going after a trophy, that they learn how the points are distributed so they can learn what is good to do, and what they will have to aim for the most in order to collect the maximum amount of points possible.

When you successfully clear a ball group of X color, you will receive a total of one point for each ball. That means if there are 5 yellow balls that have been successfully matched, a total of 5 points will be granted and added to your additional count. After that, if you are able to clear another set of balls within your next shot (without failing), you receive a total of two points for each ball that is in the group. For example, you have received 5 points for the yellow balls. The next shot involves a red ball and it successfully hits a group of 2 red balls, when you have 3 matching red ones. You then receive a total of 6 points for the 3 balls that you have matched because 3 balls x 2 points = 6.

If you successfully manage to link chains, you can raise up the number of points that you have for every time that you do so. Remember that the rainbow balls and all the other combos (besides the bomb) can be used in order to continue a combo that is already there. Bombs, however, are very useful because they will provide a large space through the balls from where you will hit and make other combos if there were ones that were blocking your way.


You’ll be given the opportunity in Neopets Spinacles to ricochet balls that you remove off the wall they are actually on. In order to do that, you require some skills because it can be pretty hard to do so. Sometimes on the screen you cansee that there is X number of balls in X spot (the spot must have no more balls after it) and below them, to the direction of the center of the screen, there is a set of balls that can be hit even though it is hard because you have to aim precisely. From there if you manage to shoot them, they will then fall and you can get rid of the balls that were located to the far side of the middle center of the screen.


It was previously mentioned that there are bombs in the game, where they can be used as power ups. However, you have to learn more about them in order to fully know what they do. Sometimes the bombs are so helpful and some other times they will be your worst enemy. For example, if there is a combo that you’ve been working on for so long that is guaranteed to give you a lot of points, you certainly do not want the bomb because it will break all what you’ve done. Remember that there is a total of two balls that can be found in your cannon and that you will press the space bar in order to switch between them. If you have a bomb and you do not want it to break the set that you’ve been working on, simply press on the spacebar so that it can be switched. Every time you shoot, it will come as first and you will have to keep pressing the space bar each time in order to get rid of it as long as possible until you do actually really need it.

Alternatively, the bombs can be helpful when there is an edge of the circle that is popping out of the “limit” and you don’t know what to do because there are many balls of different colors that can not make a set. Simply, if that happens, shoot the bomb and make them explode. It will help you by a lot because it will then give you an opportunity to be matching more of these.

If you happen to have two bombs at the same time, you know that pressing the space bar will result in nothing new, so you have to get rid of one if you don’t need it. To do that, simply throw it away of the circle so that the set you’ve been working on remains there.

Neopets Spinacles Strategy & Cheats

It is recommended that if you’re going after a high score or after a trophy that you purposely “miss” a ball so that it doesn’t go to the middle of the set. This is good especially in the first levels which are much more easier. When you start the game, you’ll notice that there are not many ball colors, and then as long as you progress, there will be more colors in the set for your disadvantage. When you start the game, try to get rid of all the balls and leave few that are actually there so that you can miss a ball purposely and from there you see more balls appearing on the circle whenever you miss. Keep doing that, which means play the game by getting rid of the colors and leave a few, then make sure that you miss purposely so that there are more balls that appear on the middle of the screen, then clear them and repeat until you get the amount of points that you want.

When the structure have many balls that you can’t make a set with, remember that you can rotate it and that by firing a ball on an edge, depending on the angles, etc. Rotate it and to see the other side of the structure that can have many set of balls that you can collect in order to grab points for your own advantage.

Every while or so make sure that you take a break because you canget bored of the game. When one takes a break and comes back, it is not the same as if he has been sitting in front of the computer for a lot of time. This will also help you to oxygenate your brain. Eat something so that you can give your brain some sugar and from there you will come back and play Neopets Spinacles. Don’t forget to take as much time as you need because you can, and people who think for a longer period of time on that game will have more points than someone who simply fires fires and fires without thinking. Good luck.

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