Neopets Sorcerer’s Skirmish

Neopets Sorcerer’s Skirmish is a nice turn by turn game for chess fans that will allow you to set up a solid strategy from where you will win. Neopets Sorcerer’s Skirmish will allow you to use your brain to get an extra boost.


You have to know that there are different characters and that every one of them will not have the same characteristics. Instead, every one of these characters will have a different set of strengths and weaknesses. Below will be a short list that can serve as a list to learn how many points can be received from each character when it attacks another.

The Eyrie will have a total of 3 attack points, 1 defence point and 1 speed point. The total points it will receive is 1000.

The Gelert has a total of 3 attack points, 1 defence point and 1 speed point and will receive a total of 300 points.

The Skeith has a total of 3 attack points, 3 defence points and 2 speed points. The total amount of points he will receive is 250 points.

The Kougra has a total of 2 attack points, 2 defence points and 3 speed points. He will receive a total of 200 points.

The Scorchio will have 0 attack points, however a solid defence of 4 points and 1 speed point. The maximum amount of points he will provide is 100.


When you start the game, the first thing you will see is the turn number that is located on the top left side of the screen. Note that you take turns to play the game and that is what the game is based on. If you need less than 30 turns to defeat Darigan, you receive 50 points total for the difference. That means if you defeat Darigan when you are on turn #29, you receive 50 points. If it is turn #28 you receive 100 points and so on.

You see that Meridell will start on the side of the screen and you start and do the first move. You have a character that you click on and to move in order to be successful on the game. On the game you grab speed potions that will allow you to go farther than usual and from there you have a slight advantage in the game. Not only speed potions, there are also attack potions that will give you an extra point when you decide to attack, and that for a whole turn. There are also rocks that will not let you pass through, so you have to counter them.

Your attack must be higher than the defence of your opponent. If his defence is higher than your attack, you should not attack him because your character will then get killed. If your opponent decides to attack you, his attack must be higher than your defence, otherwise his unit will get destroyed too. For example, if a character has 2 attack points and the opponent has 2 defence points and you try to kill it, you will notice that both of the units will be destroyed. If you have 1 attack point and your enemy has 2 defence points, do not attack him because he will remain where he is at and your unit will get destroyed.


There are different difficulties in the game. The first one is Easy where you see the opponents units and their stats so you do not have any problem completing the game, because you know where you are heading. The medium mode is the second one and this one will not allow you to see your opponent. Their stats will also be hidden when the game starts so you do not know if it is good to attack X unit or not. The last difficulty is hard mode where you do not see your opponent and their stats will always be hidden on the start of the game. You only see your opponent when he decides to attack you, otherwise he will remain hidden.

Neopets Sorcerer’s Skirmish Strategy & Cheats

It is recommended that you always go offensive because this is the key to victory. Make sure that you play few times on the easy difficulties so that you can learn more about the units and memorize them. When you feel confident enough, you advance to the hard difficulty, if you’re going after a high score or after a trophy. Note that you want to be careful for the hidden enemies because they can be tricky.

You find that at the beginning, the game is confusing by itself but note that the more you play, the easier the game will get and you proceed to the hard level where you earn the most amount of points possible. Note that a score of 7950 is possible, even though it is very rare to achieve it. Always go after the green and the red potion to get an advantage over your enemy. You then score depending on the amount of rounds you use. Don’t forget that the less rounds you need in order to complete the game, the more points that will be awarded to you. The points goes by 50 points for each turn that is under 30 turns. Good luck.

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