Neopets Snowball Fight

Neopets Snowball Fight is a game for snow fans because it will involve snowball fights where you are throwing them at your opponents and grabbing points from there. Neopets Snowball Fight will give you the opportunity to become better at snowball fights in real life too (well, not really).


The controls for Neopets Snowball Fight are quite simple. You have to mainly use your mouse so you are able to control the Kougra that is presented to you, from where you hit the friends of his. His friends are of the Kyrii specie, the Scorchio specie, the Aisha specie, and lastly a petpet by the name of Meepit. You have to hit them in order to gain points and you need to be careful, because you do not want to hit the faeries that you will encounter. In order to successfully throw a snowball at your opponents.

Neopets Snowball Fight Strategy & Cheats

You type snowghettiandmeatball to receive an extra 10 snowballs that you can use in Neopets Snowball Fight. You only type this cheat code once per game. You should more worry about the enemies that you are hitting than about yourself, and you will have to put your cursor on them in order to shoot snowballs on them. You also see that there is a barrier and your enemies will be hiding behind it. It will not provide protection to them unless they’re behind it. So if they’re not seen you should avoid wasting snowballs for nothing.

Make sure that if you see the Deiter the Polarchuck you always shoot at him. He will be mostly parachuting down from the sky, so once you see him you hit him in order to receive 10 or even more than that. He will only be seen in the game once you have less than 40 snowballs. Having more than that will make sure that he doesn’t show up.

Always have an eye on the number of snowball you have. You do not want to run out of snowballs, for that reason you will want to be careful. Don’t shoot at your enemies if you’re unsure whether you hit them or not. You want to shoot at them in order to grab the maximum amount of points possible, so you can qualify for a trophy. Unfortunately, there is no avatar for this game so you want to play it rather for fun or for Neopoints. It is a fairly good game when it comes to NP, because usually you receive a lot by having a few points. Good luck.

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