Neopets Smug Bug Smite

Neopets Smug Bug Smite is a game for bug haters where you have to use a weapon and to use it to eradicate bugs, which are the bug smite, and from there you rejoice. Neopets Smug Bug Smite will give you the opportunity to train your shooting skills as you have to be precise and speedy at the same time.


When you start playing the game of Neopets Smug Bug Smite, you have a choice of choosing your weapon. You choose between the Sticky paper, the Bug spray or even the net. Make sure that there is no difference when it comes to the score. The only thing that is not the same, is the way that you catch the bugs, nothing else.

The brothers will be appearing on different location on the map for each different level and your main objective will be to successfully capture them and from there you can grab points. Your points will depend on your speed. The quicker you are, the more points you will get. If you are not fast enough, and do not manage to capture them, you are not able to proceed to the next level and you lose! They will then have NP on their hands that they will have stolen. There is a total of three levels in the game. The more you progress, the less time you have to capture the bugs.

Score & Points

For every level, you have a number of points that will be given to you depending on the amount of time you spend to catch the bugs and the time bonus will add to your total score. For the first level, you receive a total of 100 points and the time bonus will be 5 times. For the second level, you receive 150 points with a 10 time bonus multiplier. Lastly, for the third level, you receive 200 points with a 100 time multiplier.

Neopets Smug Bug Smite Strategy & Cheats

Note that you have to be fast. When you start playing the game, you have to play it few times so that you can know where the bugs will appear. They will usually have no more than 3-4 location when they will appear. There is a total of two and you have to pick and spot from where you keep clicking so once bugs appears, you receive a lot of points. When the first one appear, you have to get ready for the next one that will usually pop up faster than the time that the first one took to appear.

Usually, you will not reach more than 600 points by yourself, where most people are not able to go higher than the 500 points range. However, there are people that can reach the 700 points range. There is actually no way to get there with speed, so how do they do it? They simply click FAST, but they don’t get points because they saw the bug faster. They click many times and fast which will let them click on bugs twice. From there they will receive more points, thus reaching that range. It is recommended that you do so if you’re going after a super high score or after a trophy.

Note that it is recommended that you play few times before you start playing seriously. You want to know the location of the bug brothers, and to do that few tries are necessary. You notice that on the third level, if you’re not fast enough, the time will quickly run out. For that reason, we recommend that you use a slow computer if you have one. You then catch bugs faster, because the speed of the mouse will remain the speed, even though the computer is slower. Remember that you can not run out of ammo. For that reason you want to keep clicking in order to fire a lot of times. You can fire as much as you want, so always keep clicking on the screen on the spot that you think the bug will be popping from. If there is a spot that you know the bug won’t appear from, make sure that you don’t wait there.

Take your mouse cursor to one spot and keep clicking while you watch the other areas that can have bugs pop up there. That way if you see them you’ll get there pretty much quickly, so do that for your own advantage.

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