Neopets Slushie Slinger

Neopets Slushie Slinger is a game that appears in the Altador Cup where you will have to fill slushies for furious people in a manner of seconds. Neopets Slushie Slinger will give you the opportunity to boost your brain because not only you will have to act quickly to fulfill the order of these people, but you will also have to choose the appropriate color that suits their needs.


Neopets Slushie Slinger is a side game of the Altador Cup, Yooyuball being the principal one. You will have to score a minimum amount of 270 points if you would like your score to successfully count. For new users, during the Altador Cup you will have to join a team and there will be a rank that is given to you. You will start as a beginner and raise that rank the more you play. You will then be able to reach All-Star, being the maximum rank, after a lot of efforts. For that, you will have to send scores and it will be possible by playing one of the four Altador Cup games. However, it would be too easy for someone to simply play for one second, then to send the score. For that reason, there is a minimum score of 270 points that you will have to meet in order to have your score count toward your total count, and to boost your team performance.

The game of Neopets Slushie Slinger is actually really simply for you to learn. You will have to control the Red Tuskaninny that will be your main character that you will be using, which is a waitress and from there you will be able to use the arrow keys that arrow located on your keyboard in order to advance into the game. There are three rows and the clients will be waiting to receive their order. You will have to use the up arrow key to go upper, and the down arrow key to go to the bottom of the screen. You will also be able to use the right arrow key to point to the wall, where there is the machine that you will be able to use in order to receive a slushie. The left arrow key will be useful to turn and to point to the clients where you will be able to send the freshly made slushie by pressing the space bar that is also located on your keyboard.

You will see that there are clients waiting for their order and they will have a small bubble on the top of their head where they will have a slushie of X color that you will have to send to them. To do that, simply go to the appropriate color that is located on the wall and press the space bar in order to make a slushie. It will only take a few seconds, and after that you will be able to proceed and to send it to them by pressing the space bar another time. Note that you will not be able to have more than one slushie at a time, and that if you send the wrong color to them you will receive fewer points than if you send the right one, simply because that is not what they would have wanted. Also note that once they finish drinking, they will send back the cup empty, that you will have to take for more points. If that falls on the ground, you will be losing lives so you will have to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

You will be given a total of five lives at the beginning of the game and you will not be able to have more than that. The lives are marked by the slushies of the green color that you can find on the top right side of the screen. To lose a life, which is what you don’t want, you will have to not take a cup sent by the customer or it will also happen if the waiting client goes to the end of the line and was not served.

You will have to know that in the later game, there will be some clients that are so desperate that they will be running to the end of the line, and you will most likely not have enough time to serve them.

Score & Points

You will be, obviously, able to receive points for fulfilling the order of the clients. However, you will have to know how much so that you can know what will count towards your total. If you serve a customer and they actually receive what they want (ex: he wants a blueberry slushie and you serve him a blueberry slushie), you will be able to receive a total of five points. If you serve a customer with a slushie that they didn’t want (ex: they’re asking for a blueberry slushie but you serve them with a strawberry slushie) then you will only get two ponits. Lastly, you will be able to get a total of 3 points for successfully taking back an empty cup. If you don’t collect the empty cups, you will notice that a life has been taken from you (the slushie cup on the top right of the screen). For that reason, you will want to collect these, not only for the points, but to avoid losing the game.

Every time you successfully earn 50 points, the game will get harder and harder, which means that they will be more customers that are going to pop up and even some of them will start going to the end of the line in a faster way. For example, you start the game where there are barely few customers, and once you reach 50, their number and “speed” will increase. Once you hit 100, the game becomes harder, 150 is even harder and so on. There is actually no maximum score for that game but people usually tend to score in the 700 range.

You will have to submit a valid score of atleast 270 points in order to have your score count towards your total rank, and to contribute for the team’s advantage.

Neopets Slushie Slinger Strategy & Cheats

Note that the empty cups that will be sent back to you once the customers have been served will be sliding with a reasonable speed, however, you will notice that the one at the top of the game will fall faster than the one that is sent on the middle or on the last line of the screen. That means if a customer sends a cup from the top, it will fall faster than a customer that sends a cup from the middle, and this one will have his cup fall faster than someone who send his cup from the bottom of the screen. That is simply because the line where the client will be waiting is longer at the bottom.

For that reason, if you find that a customer is waiting at the bottom that just popped up, and someone else has just popped up on the top of the screen, on the first line, you will be able to serve one of them. However, if you would like to serve both as soon as possible, it is recommended that you do so with the one at the top of the screen. The reason is that even if the customers will not drink the slushie with the exact same time, if you send a slushie to the person on the bottom, it will take you few seconds to go fulfill the order of the customer that is at the top. In that time, the guy at the bottom is finishing his cup. After that he will send it while the customer at the top is still drinking. Once the cup hits half way or so the customer at the top will also send the cup and they will most likely land on the floor at the same time, giving you no opportunity but grabbing on one of the empty cups, thus having to sacrifice one of your lives.

You will notice that as long as the game progress, the more there will be customers waiting for their order. When you send a cup to a customer, it is recommended that you go make another slushie for another customer with that time, and not wait him until he finishes it and you grab the cup because you will be losing so much time.

Make sure that when you are in the late game, where there will be many customers coming, that if you do not have enough time, to not let them finish the line and not be served. Instead, take a slushie that is located near you and from there you will be able to serve them, even if that is not what they want. You will then receive 2 points, but you will get rid of a customer and you will avoid losing a life.

Sometimes there will be customers that are so desperate that will be running to the end of the line rapidly. If you see one of those, and you do not have a slushie in your hands, make one fast and try to send it to them, even though chances are slim that you successfully manage to do so. However, if the slushie is already in your hands, go and send it to him, even if you’re waiting for empty cups because you do not want him to take a life from you. Also, don’t forget to prioritize the customer at the top of the screen more than the one in the middle and the one at the bottom. Same thing applies for the middle customer. Don’t prioritize him more than the one at the top of the screen, but do so before you serve the customer that is waiting at the bottom of the screen. Good luck.

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