Neopets Slorgs in Space

Neopets Slorgs in Space is a game, just like Slorg Attack where there will be many slorgs coming from everywhere and you will have to eradicate them. Neopets Slorgs in Space will give you the opportunity to practice your quickness skills because you will have to shoot at them as fast as you can, as precise as you can be!


You start the game of Neopets Slorgs in Space with a cannon that you will have to use in order to shoot at the slorgs, and you will also see that there is a X-1000 Slorgeriser that is your main weapon you will be using to blast the slorgs that will be coming in lines. You want to get rid of the slorgs as a main objective. You will have to use your mouse in order to point at the slorgs by using the crosshair that is provided to you in the game. You will then be able to click by using the left mouse button, where you want. In order to remove a slorg from a line because, for example, you will want to get points, etc, you will have to match the color of the slorgs. You will be shooting a cannonball with X color, and you must match atleast three slorgs with the color you’ve just fired. As an example, if you fire a red ball on two slorgs, they will then become three slorgs and they will disappear. However, if there is only one of them, it is recommended that you try to find another set of slorgs.

There will be also a timer that you will have to make sure it doesn’t run out. You will have to fire on the slorgs, but if you run out of time, the game will then end and you will have to restart it. Make sure that you don’t let the slorg go to the end of their path, otherwise you will lose the game.

Neopets Slorgs in Space Strategy & Cheats

You will be able to use many strategies that will let you achieve a high score in the game to possibly receive a trophy. However, we will provide few that have been known to be very successful for the Neopian users.

Make sure that if the cannonball is pointed in a direction that has a line of slorgs, and that you’re about to shoot, you will have to shoot at the matching pair of slorgs, that will have the same color as the cannonball, otherwise you will only increase their number and this is no good for you, as the game will get longer and you will run out of time.

You will have to look for combos if you would like to grab the most points possible from the game. That said, if there is a total of three slorgs or more and they’re moving at the same time, and there is another set in front (or in their back) of them, you will be able to get rid of X color and the other set will then also vanish. This will grant you a total of 100 points for your own advantage and this can be really good if you’re going after a trophy.

Make sure that you take your time when you’ve just started the game, meaning that you’re still on the first levels because these levels are easier than the later ones, which means that they will give you the opportunity of collecting a lot of points before they finish. You do not want to go fast on the first levels simply because you will want to get the most amount of points possible.

It may be a good choice to set the volume to off and to remove the sound because it can be distracting, and make sure that you always keep an eye on the timer because you will have to determine what is left for you to do and what you will be able to achieve until the time runs out, so it is important that you always look at the timer.

Make sure that you are relaxed when you start the game, because this game can be quite distracting and cause some stress, because you will have to handle the moving slorgs. The first version of this game was a bit easier because the slorgs did not run in circle, however it is not the case now. This advanced version is a little harder than the previous one, so you will have to train train and train again to get better at it and to achieve the score of your dream. There is no magic, simple as that.

It is recommended that when the game starts, you don’t immediately shoot. Instead, watch the slorgs carefully so you can think and decide where your next aim will be going to. If you simply fire blindly, you will see that you will be doing more harm than good simply because the slorgs will be raising in number. You will think that it may be a good think because you will be able to collect more points, since there are more slorgs, however, there is a timer that you should always look after. For the first levels it is good to increase the slorgs number by a little in order to grab more points by the end of it, but you will notice that for the later levels, even to get rid of the slorgs will cause some trouble because there will not be enough time.

Lastly, make sure that if there is a hourglass flying through the screen, that you aim at it and grab it because it will slow the slorgs down, thus you will have more time to think. This is fundamental because you will also be able to find the slorgs of the color you’ve been looking for, but had no time because they were too fast before you got that power up. Make sure that you are quick too, because that power up will not last forever. Good luck.

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