Neopets Shapeshifter

Neopets Shapeshifter is a game where you will be able to shift as many times as you want. Neopets Shapeshifter will have you place shapes on a given board so that you can shift the shape. You will then have to get them all on the same goal shape so you can win.

Know your Levels

During the game of Neopets Shapeshifter, you will have to know that if you restart a level, you will be given a another puzzle to complete. What you will have to do is to change the symbols that will be located on the top left and the top right of the screen depending on the pieces that you will have.

The order you use to place the shapes does not matter so you will be able to switch them if you feel more comfortable doing so. That’s pretty much the game.

Neopets Shapeshifter Strategy & Cheats

It is recommended that you write the pieces so that you can memorize the order you’ve started to do them with. It is recommended that if you’re stuck and do not know how to proceed, to take a small break, go drink a glass of water and eat something then come back because after spending a large amount of time on the computer, your will become tired. So it is recommended that you refresh yourself. 15-30 minutes is enough.

The puzzles will get harder and harder the more you complete them and for that reason you will make sure to restart the game and play it many times to get better at it, as this is the key of the game. You will be able to receive an avatar after beating the fifth level in Neopets Shapeshifter. The Sinsi – Shapeshifter will then be awarded to you.

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