Neopets Sewage Surfer

Neopets Sewage Surfer is a nice game where surf is related in it. Neopets Sewage Surfer will give you the opportunity to receive a new avatar if you manage to play well.


During Neopets Sewage Surfer, you will be told that there is a system that was not repaired for a long period of time and it has been flooded by the water. From there, you will have to help a Wocky by the name of Matt and to go ahead in order to repair everything. You should not be worrying about the pieces because he has brand new ones but your main job will consist that you assemble them. You wil then receive a random pieces list that will have to place them in the right spots but note that they will not be able to be replaced once they are in place. You will be given some pieces that you will be able to discard for each particular level. You will be given points depending on your efforts every time you will complete a level.

After successfully completing the sewer system, you will be able to proceed. However, if you haven’t had the opportunity to connect the 2 ends, you will have to press the button that will say Start Flow and then you will see the Sewer being flooded. From there you will be able to restart the level, however, a total of 50 points will be deducted from your count. In order to restart the level you will have to click on the button that is in the red color, that says Start Level Over and from there you will be able to re do it. Make sure that you do not restart the level many times as you will be losing more and more points and you will have a hard time to qualify for the avatar that will be described shortly after.

Once you have the point, and you think that you will want to quit the points and to receive them, there will be a button in the grey color that will say Quit Game. You will then be able to click it to end the game. Note that if your score is over 5 thousands, you will be able to receive NP depending on how many efforts you used to play the game. If you have less than 5 thousands points, you will not be given anything but you will be still able to receive the avatar.

Neopets Sewage Surfer Strategy & Cheats

There will be, in Neopets Sewage Surfer, a total of 50 levels that you will have to complete. In order to receive the avatar that is associated with the game, you will have to successfully complete the 49th level of the game. Note that even though the game is easy to learn, it is not always simple to go through it. We have a few suggestions that we can provide to give you a better time playing and completing the game.

If you decide to place an opening in the other side of the wall that is grey, you will not be able to block and the water will be able to flow so make sure that won’t happen. You will also have to be able to see the next 3 pieces when they are available because then you will know what you have. Lastly, make sure that you will be losing points if there are pieces that are not used and for that reason you will want to use all of them. Good luck.

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