Neopets Scorchy Slots

Neopets Scorchy Slots is a game that is similar to the Black Pawkeet Slots where you will have to invest an amount of NP in the game to see what you can win, or what you can lose. Neopets Scorchy Slots is a good game for gambling fans because it will involve mostly that when it comes to invest NP into the game.


You will have to play the game with the browser you currently have. The Black Pawkeet Slots was a flash game, however it is not the case for this one.

To start you will have to click on the button that says Play Again in order to start a round, or to play once you’ve done a previous round. To play, you will have to spend a total of 5 NP, which is a fairly reasonable amount of Neopoints.

You will be able to win Neopoints in this game and it will depend of the icons that will appear on the column of your winnings. You wil be able to get a total of three or 4 of a kind. You will be able to win a specific amount of Neopoints, though, and it will tell you when you win. There will be a message that will say Collect Winnings, where you will be able to claim your prizs instead of the one that says Play Again. You wil be able to click on it and then you will be able to add a designed amount of Neopoints that was won for that round, so you will be able to decide for the amount you currently have and from there you will be able to start a new round.

Some people are lucky, and some people are not. You will mostly need luck when it comes to winning the jackpot and there is more chance for you to lose than to win, so keep that in mind. There is a possibility for those who are, again, very luck, to win a trophy for the game and that is when you successfully get the jackpot. The score you will be able to get will depend of the amount of Neopoints you won from the game. For example if you win 2000 Neopoints, your score will be equal to that amount, 2000 points. If you hit the jackpot, then your score will be a lot more higher and therefore you will be able to certainly win the trophy from there, unless everyone has won it which is likely to never happen.


You will be able to receive prizes from the game depending on what you score and you will be able to receive them once you get 3-4 icons in one shot. Below is a short list that will describe the prizes you will be able to obtain from the game so that you can have a better idea of the game.

You will be able to receive:

For Three Cherries, 15 Neopoints
For Three Strawberries, 30 NP
For Three Grapes, 60 NP
For Four Cherries, 75 NP
For Three Melons, 90 NP
For Three Apples, 120 NP
For Four Strawberries, 150 NP
For Three Peaches, 180 NP
For Three Bells, 240 NP
For Four Grapes, 300 NP
For Four Melons, 450 NP
For Four Apples, 600 NP
For Three Bags of Gold, 600 NP
For Four Peaches, 900 NP
For Four Bells, 1200 NP
For Three Map Pieces, a random piece of a random map set
For Three Faeries, A random bottled Faerie
For Four Map Pieces, a total of three map pieces of a random map set
For Four Faeries, a total of six bottled Faeries
For Four Bags of Gold, you will win the Jackpot!

Sometimes you will be able to notice that the game will let you receive the icons with you for some rounds and that until you successfully receive a prize. You will then see that there is a small check box in the bottom of each of these icons from where you will be able to hold them until the next round starts. You will then be able to click on the button that says Play Again and then the icons will become off checked and will not be able to change positions.

Neopets Scorchy Slots Strategy & Cheats

You will probably think that there is no way that a strategy exists for this game, because it is mostly based on luck and that all you will need is your luck, nothing else. You are wrong. There is perfectly a strategy for this game and you will most of the time have to play again to try again but there is something you will be able to do to get an advantage.

You will have to start by opening another window on your browser you’re logged on Neopets and to go to the game to load the list of prizes that you can receive. You will then be able to see what icons is necessary to receive a better amount of Neopoints as a prize, or what you will need to win the jackpot as it is very effort requiring to memorize all the list of prizes that was previously mentioned.

After that once you win the NP, you will have to hold the icons with you until you get the highest number so that you will be able to increase your chance of having the volcano erupted for your advantage.

Note that when you will receive the option that will let you hold the icons you currently have, no # will be given to you that will be written on them. You will have to determine them by looking for those who are 2 of a kind. If there are two that have exactly the same icon and they are near each other, then it is perfect because you will receive a bigger chance when you will want to spin another time.

If you receive two pairs, then hold on on the middle so that you will be able to increase your chance to receive more icons by the end of the game.
You will also be able to pick some icons on the end of the game, which can be at the start of the row so that you can receive a higher value for your items, thus having a greater chance to win the same icons. Good luck.

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