Neopets Scamander Swarm

Neopets Scamander Swarm is one of the few Neopets games that is entirely based on luck. Located in the Lost Desert, you must bet on which door the Red Scamander will go into during the Neopets Scamander Swarm game. There are no trophies, only small Neopoint winnings, so Neopets Scamander Swarm is just for fun really!

Game Play

Throughout each of the five rounds of Scamander Swarm you are presented with a number of doors surrounding a Lost Desert courtyard. The aim of the game is to successfully guess which door the special Red Scamander will go into, regardless of the yellow ones. Each door is marked with a number, and you start the first level with just two doors, the second with three, the third with four and so on.

To start a new game, you must pay 25 neopoints and select which door you wish to bet on. In each successive round, if the special Red Scamander picks you door you can move onto the next level, but if it does not then you have to restart the game, similarly to Kiss the Mortog or Double or Nothing in Meridell. Once you have selected the door, a swarm of Scamanders appears and starts running around the courtyard. Most of them are yellow, but you want to keep an eye on the special Red Scamander, as this is the one that counts.

Neopoints, Points and Scoring

As mentioned, to start each game costs 25 neopoints to the player. By winning level one, your wager is doubled x2 to make the wager for level 2, 50np. However, after this each new level’s win the previous level’s multiplier and then +1. For example, level three is x2(+1), so x3 of the previous. Your new winnings becomes 150, from 50 points. Below is a graph to illustrate this:

Level 1 25np
Level 2 x2 = (usually 50np)
Level 3 x3 = (usually 150np)
Level 4 x4 = (usually 600np)
Level 5 x5 = (usually 3,000np)

 However this is not definitive, as you can also earn extra points by the special Red Scamander eating a Tchea fruit throughout the level. Each round has a few spread out across the level. Only the Red Scamander eating one will add to the bonus. The bonus is an extra 50nps added to the wager. In theory, if the Red Scamander eats all 4 Tchea Fruit on all 5 levels, your maximum neopoints earned could be over 40,000nps – but this is extremely rare. In most cases, the Red Scamander will not even eat one Tchea Fruit.

Neopets Scamander Swarm Cheats

  • By clicking the corner of the eye on the top left hand Scamander on the title page you can make TPOSG (The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy, aka Ollie) appear at the bottom, covered in Scamanders. This doesn’t help your game, but like all games worked on by The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy, is a nice Easter Egg.
  • It is rumoured that by clicking ‘Door 1’ on the first level, there is an above average chance of getting it correct. This only works for level 1 however.
  • The trick to this game, just like Guess the Mortog and Double or Nothing only without the trophy, is to know when to stop. Before you start have a sense of how much Neopoints you want to earn, and then quit whilst you’re ahead at that point. Because remember, each loss sets you back to the beginning. For reference, here are your chances of winning each level:
Level Chances
1 50%
2 33%
3 25%
4 20%
5 16%

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