Neopets S.M.E.L.T.

Neopets S.M.E.L.T. is a very simple game that you will have to play in order to smelt a list of material. Neopets S.M.E.L.T. can be very frustrating at the beginning, but once you learn how it works, it will cause no more trouble.


During the game of Neopets S.M.E.L.T., you will have to cut pieces to make sure that you have them present in a sheet, and from there you will have to smelt them. However, you will have few seconds in order to do so, and they may not always fit the way you put them.

You will only have to press a total of two buttons when you play Neopets S.M.E.L.T.. That means you will not have to use the arrow keys. Instead, you will only need the mouse where you will be only using its left button, and you will also need your keyboard where you will be using the space bar that is located on it.

There will also be two buttons that you can decide to click to make the pieces fit better in the screen. They are the Z and the X button. The Z one will allow you to rotate the piece of metal to the right side, while the X button will allow you to rotate it to the left side.

Rotating pieces can usually take a lot of time, and since you will only have a few seconds to fulfill the pieces in the required spot, it will be hard to you to rotate them AND to have time to finish the game. To prevent being on the lose, simply do not rotate them and put them as they are.

You will have to start the game of smelt by fulfilling the order of someone that will be asking you to fulfill X place of X pieces of metal. You will then be able to finish the level instantly once you finish what they are asking you to do. However, you will want to know that as you progress, the screen will not be big enough to have all of the pieces placed on it. For that reason, you will want to use the SMELT button that is located on the bottom of the screen. From there you will be able to remove the pieces and even if the screen becomes tinier, you will be able to complete the round.

Make sure that before you start the round, you see the number of SMELTs that you are given. You will not have infinite. Sometimes you will get one and some other times, when the game gets harder, you will get two of them. When you click on it and it is smelting, no time will be taken from you. For that reason, you should not worry about the timer when the pieces are being under SMELT. However, if you do not have the opportunity to use a SMELT, there will be none given to you and you will know it. When you come to press that button you will notice that it is taking too much time to SMELT them, and even though it will work, there are seconds that will be deducted for nothing. If the game decided to not give you free SMELTs, it means that it is perfectly doable.

Note that you will have an unlimited amount of lives, so you can play the same game for the whole day if you wish, but it will get boring if you do so.

When you start, you will see a client that will ask you that he wants X pieces to be done. You will have to see how many free SMELTs you have before you start because you do not want to do that at the last second.

Make sure that you do not rotate the pieces, otherwise you will run out of time. You will want to use the SMELT when you have them, unless you can finish the pieces on one screen. Again, in this game there is no way the game ends, which means that you have an unlimited amount of lives. You can play as many times as you want.

The game is divided in categories. The further you go on X category, the more pieces there will be for you to complete, and the more SMELT will be given to you. After that, you will notice that the pieces for the same category became bigger. Once you complete it, you will be given less time (in seconds) and you will have to start again. After completing many categories, you will be lastly only given a total of 1 seconds to finish the level you’re in which will require a lot of tries, and a lot of speed.

Neopets S.M.E.L.T. Strategy & Cheats

Make sure that you do never go after the rotation buttons, because they will not help you, but do more harm than good. Remember that there is a timer that will consist a very few seconds, and if you decide to rotate the pieces, you will lose precious time there and you will not be able to finish the game that way. For that reason you will not want to rotate the pieces. If you find yourself losing the round, it is not a problem. Since you have an unlimited amount of lives, you will be able to finish it on your next tries.

Make sure that you always check how many SMELT you will have before you start the round, because it will be of a great help. Also note that when you are smelting, there is no way that you will be losing time in that interval, so make sure that you do not worry about the timer.

Never use the SMELT button if you do not have free smelts because the game will always decide whether it is good to have a free one or not, and if it decides so you will be given another a free one.

You have unlimited lives, so you will want to start the level and to see what pieces you currently have. If the later game is too hard for you, simply know what are your pieces and from there you will be able to know where to put them, without rotating them, and to use free smelts if necessary. Never SMELT if you do not have free ones, because you will be losing precious seconds and in the later game you will only have 1 second, which is another reason that will want you to not focus on the smelt when you don’t have free ones, otherwise you will rely on it and when you will not have any, you will not be able to play the right way. Good luck.

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