Neopets Petpet Rescue

Neopets Petpet Rescue is a nice game where you will have to, as a Neopet, save the petpets from danger. There will be from lava to rocks, to obstacles of all sorts that you will have to avoid if you do not want to lose the game. Neopets Petpet Rescue will give you the opportunity to practice your speed skills and also your thinking skills as you will need them when playing the game.


When you start the game of Neopets Petpet Rescue, you will notice that the game is divided by many type of areas. The levels will be similar to each other so that you can have the idea of the game, as the game is already hard like it is. However, there will be petpets that you will have to find as your main objective. On your path you will be able to grab gems that will be of the purple color, which can give you additional points that will be added to your additional count.

You will want to know that there will be many obstacles that will be described later. You will have to use the arrow keys that are located on your keyboard to control the Scorchio Neopet and to go all the way to save the petpets that you will have to find. You will have to use the left arrow key to go to the left side, the right arrow key will let you go to the right side and so on. The space bar will not be much of help in this game, so the only controls that are required in order to play Neopets Petpet Rescue are the arrow keys.

There are many types of petpets that will be in the game, and for people who have just started playing Neopets, it is not always easy to know what are the petpets, simply because they still do not have a basic knowledge of the game. For that reason, below is a guide that will tell what are the petpets to help give a global picture of the game to newcomers.


The petpets are Anubis, which is the blue desert dog that has his tongue outside of his mouth. The Babaa is the sheep that will have black legs. The buzzer is a bee that will be red and yellow with wings. The Green Puppyblew is also a petpet that you will be able to find and he is a green dog. The Hasee is the purple petpet that will be fat looking, with brown lines on his back. The Mallard is the green bird and the Poppit is the Line petpet with popped up eyes. The Snorkle is also a petpet that you will be able to find, which is a pig and there is a Turdle which is a turtle. Lastly, there will be a Uniocto which will be a blue octopus looking with one leg.


Of course, there are many petpets that you will have to take in order to bring back home, but the game would not be of a challenge if there weren’t obstacles. For that reason you will have to know them.

The lava is the main obstacle, since there will be many lava around the screen. The Boulders will also be very common and you will have to watch out for them. There will be some on the first few levels, then many of these will start coming and it will give you a hard time completing the game. There are also stalactites that will be falling down from the top side of the screen. Lastly, the time is also a factor considered as an obstacle because once it runs out, you will lose a life. However, if you don’t have lives anymore, you will lose the game.

The lava river, which is all around the map will have carts moving on it with petpets that you will have to grab. The carts will be moving fast, most of them and few will be moving slowly. You will have to wait for the exact moment in order to proceed and to move forward so that you can go on them. You will have a fraction of second, though, but it is not a problem as you will see it coming all the way from the left side of the screen. You will have to go on these to grab the petpets that you will see and you will then have to head back to the bottom of the screen to bring them back.

The second obstacle, which is the boulder, will also be somewhere all over the map. They will be rolling to any side and to any direction. Usually, in the later levels where there will be many boulders, they will have respect order so you will have to use your brain to know how you will be able to avoid them. They will be coming in rows and if one of them touches you, even if you’re bringing back a petpet that was on the top of the screen, you will lose a life. After that, the petpet will be brought back to its initial place. You will want to be sure that you’re doing a smart move before you proceed.

The third obstacle which is the stalactite can drop from the top of the screen like a sharp and he will be falling all the way down. Since sometimes you will be on carts, that are on the lava, and some other times you will be on a hard spot because there will be many boulders, then it will be difficult to dodge the stalactites. They are probably one of the most challenging obstacles of the game because you will not see them coming most of the time, and when you do, you will have little to no time to move from the current location you’re in. Always make sure that once you see these, to clear the way. If there are boulders, then you will want to think for a solution fast enough because otherwise you will lose a life, or maybe even the game if you have none remaining.

Lastly, the time that can also contribute to the end of the game is set at 100 seconds when the game starts. This time is usually fine for the first levels, but since the later levels, for example the fourth and fifth level, start getting harder and have more obstacle in them, it will be harder for you to finish the game quickly. For that reason, you will want to remember that the key to be victorious is to keep playing in order to train yourself and from there you will be able to get a decent score.

Score & Points

On Neopets Petpet Rescue, there will be a total of five levels that you will have to complete in order to finish the whole game. Each one is different than the others because it will not have the same objective as the rest. Whenever you successfully meet the described objective, you will be able to proceed to the next level where you will be also given another objective. Note that you will not be able to rescue over the petpets limit. For example, if the objective is asking you to bring back home 5 petpets, you will not be able to bring back 6 petpets for extra points as the game will end once you bring back the fifth one. For any level, each time you will bring back home a petpet, a total of 10 points will be added to your total score and if you manage to complete successfully the current level, and that by bringing the petpets, all of them, back home, a total of 25 points will be given to you.

You will be able to receive more points than those who were given to you from the petpets. In order to do that, you will want to grab the gems. There will be gems depending on the level you’re currently in. The higher the level, the more gems there will be. Below is a short guide that will tell you how many petpets can be found on each particular level and it will also tell you how many points you can successfully get from them.

On the first level, there will be a total of 4 petpets that you will have to bring back home for a total of 65 points.

On the second level, a total of 6 petpets will have to be brought back home for a total of 85 points.

For the third level, you will have to bring back home a total of 8 petpets which will give you 105 points.

For the fourth level, 10 petpets will have to go back home and they will grant you a total of 125 points.

For the fifth and last level, there will be a total of 12 petpets that you will have to bring back home and they will give you 145 points.

If you manage to bring all the petpets back home of all the levels, you will be given a total of 525 points.


As previously mentioned, the petpets are not the only factor that contribute to giving you points. There are also gems of different colours that will be able to give you points depending of their color. It is possible to receive the avatar that is associated with this game without having to collect the gems, but if you’re hunting these treasures it means that you are going after a super high score or after a trophy. Note that the number of gems that will be found on each level, and their color will be completely random.

The first gem is the pink one and this is what you will be mostly finding. If you successfully grab it, a total of 5 points will be awarded to you.

The second gem is the blue one. It is rare but not that rare. If you manage to grab it, a total of 10 points will be awarded to you.

The third gem, which is the green one is rare and it is very rare. Many people will not see it in the game and if they manage to do so, they will be able to grab it for a total of 15 points.

The fourth and last gem is extremely rare and you will most likely not encounter one of these. If you manage to successfully grab it, you will be given a total of 25 points.

Neopets Petpet Rescue Strategy & Cheats

When playing the game, you will want to restart it if you have lost a life during the first level. When you lose a life, you will be disadvantaged for the future levels and since you will be on the first one, you will be able to restart it in order to receive a better chance at getting the avatar. The later levels, most likely fourth and fifth will be very tough and you will require all of your lives if you would like to stand a chance while playing them.

Make sure that you keep in mind the number of petpets you will have collected as the game will not tell you. You will have to keep them in mind so that you can know when exactly the game is going to end, if you manage to play successfully and efficiently. Also keep in mind that you will have a total of four lives that will be given to you. There will be three that you will be able to use and there will be the one you will start the game with.

If you are trying to receive the Petpet Rescue avatar which require a minimum of 250 points at Neopets Petpet Rescue, it is recommended that you try to grab the gems that you will find because they are easy points. However, if you just like bringing the petpets back home, it is not necessary that you grab the gems as you will also be able to receive the avatar without doing so, but it will be a bit harder, depending on your personality.

There is a total of 100 seconds that are given to you for every level. However, no bonus points will be given to you depending of the amount of time that is left on the timer. For that reason, you will want to make sure that you will be collecting all of the gems that you will find on each level if you’re going after a trophy and to take your time, because you can.

Lastly, make sure that you always keep an eye on the map so that if there are stalactites coming your way, you will be able to escape them so that they don’t hit you and cause a life loss to you.

Good luck.

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