Neopets NeoQuest 3D

Neopets NeoQuest 3D is a game that is located in Meridell which can be quite a bit difficult to find. Neopets NeoQuest 3D can be reached once you go to the Meridell Castle and then click on the tapestry that is located on the wall, at the right side of the screen.


During the game of Neopets NeoQuest 3D, you will have to find a treasure chest, along with the key that can be used in order to open it. The missing key is not the only thing that will cause you trouble, but the fact that it is separated in a total of five pieces. You will have to find these pieces as your main objective and from there you will be able to open the chest in order to proceed, and then to grab the treasure that will be located in it. You will then be given a score that can range in the 400 mark. That means your score can be 400 all the way up to 499 and it is actually unclear how you will have to proceed to get more points.

When you start playing Neopets NeoQuest 3D, you will have to go to a new room from where you will be able to see a written text. You will then be able to press any key in order to proceed, and on other occasions there will be another text written that is different. There will be questions that are going to be asked to you and you can decide whether you want or not, by clicking on the Yes or on the No button. There will be also an option given to you that is going to the North side, to the East, to the south or to the west. You will not always be able to choose a direction because it all depends of the room you’re actually in.

Neopets NeoQuest 3D Strategy & Cheats

Below is a short guide that will give you information for each room so that you can have a global idea, from where you will be able to decide where you will want to go and what you will avoid. You will notice that there are several places that will result in an instant death, and some other that even if they are not going to kill you instantly, you will be able to start vanishing slowly until you die.

Note that the game will always have the same layout which will make it easier for you to prevent being lost in it. You will also have the opportunity to write the path you did go into so that you can make sure you will remain alive.

There is a short guide that will help you get more information about each specific room for you to follow.

The clearing section is where you will start the game. This area is simple and there is nothing you should really know about it.

The dim forest is a maze that is very low sized and it will lead to a piece of one of the five keys. Make sure that you do not make a mistake there as you will be brought back to the first section of the dim forest and you will be able to use your current map in order to navigate between the forests.

The water faerie is when you approach a faerie, which will grant you another piece of the total five keys.

The lake is reachable once you will successfully hold all of the five pieces of the key so that you will be able to proceed to end the game from there by going all the way to the treasure chest. Make sure that you only go there when you have the key pieces.

The dark forest is where you will see a lot of darkness that will occur once you happen to enter on the dark forest.

The neohome is where you will have to enter in order to receive a piece of the key and there you will be able to see an angry Yurble that you will not really like.

The field is where you will be passing from an area to another.

The tree will tell you a story after which you will be able to grab another piece of the key.

The path is only there as a room but it does not do anything in particular.

The hill is where you will be able to climb, however, note that even if you go there, you will not be able to see anything of value. For that reason you will want to not waste time going on there, and to focus preferably on finding other parts of the key in order to finish the game.

The rocks is where you will risk yourself dying. You will be able to climb on the rocks that will be located there which will make sure that you are dying slowly, but surely.

The woodpile is where there is a trap as a door that will make sure you are trapped. You will not want to go there as there is nothing you will really need.

The trapdoor is where you will be able to find a light faerie that is in its bottle. The faerie will be a light source for you to see your path. This is connected to the woodpile area and it will also help you go into the dungeon where you will be using the light faerie to see your path, and where you’re heading to.

The darkness is similar to the dark forest. Make sure that you do never go there as you will instantly die.

The crossroad is not very important as it will not do much besides being connected directly to other areas.

The pool will result in a death, so make sure that you never go in it.

The pit is where you will be able to grab a key from, and you will not be able to die there so you should be able to go there while you’re relaxed.

The dead end is there to bother you so you should not go there because there is nothing of interest that you will be able to find in this place.

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