Neopets Mynci Beach Volleyball

Neopets Mynci Beach Volleyball is a game located in Mystery Island that is played on the beach by two Mynci’s where you will have to see who is the best at the game of Volleyball. Neopets Mynci Beach Volleyball will give you the opportunity to get better at virtual  Volleyball games.


During the game of Neopets Mynci Beach Volleyball, your main objective will be to score a goal on your opponents Mynci part and that by making sure the Volleyball lands on the floor and he is not able to push it once again with his head or with his body.

The controls are very simply. You will have to use the left arrow key, and the right arrow key in order to move to each side of the game. This game is two dimensional which means that you will not need the down arrow key. After that there is the up arrow key which will let you jump, depending of the current fance of the game and on the power you would like to kick the ball with.

There will be sand that is on the floor, but it is not something that will be bothering you. The ball will be bouncing on the two Myncis that will be waiting it. You will have to make sure that the ball always bounces to the other side in order to reach the floor so that you can be given a win. The ball can go to the side of your opponent Mynci through different ways. The first way is if it goes past the fence and then it falls directly down. The other way can be that it goes to the end of the screen or that it goes to the floor after being violently hit by the Mynci. This can happen frequently if you have the small fence bonus, which will make the game easier for both player and give them the opportunity to shoot at the ground directly.

Score & Points

For every round that is won by you, you will be given a total of 50 points. A total of 10 points will be awarded if you have a point (which is a goal) that is higher than your opponent and you win the round. For example if you have a total of 13 points and your opponent have 12 points, not only you will be given 50 points for completing the level, but an additional 10 for a total of 60. Lastly, only five points will be awarded for each point that you’ve got if you happen to lose the round.

Let’s say you are successfully able to win the first round with a total of 12 points. The enemy Mynci will have a total of 4 points. You will then be able to receive 50 total points for the win and an additional 80 that is added to your score for having much more goals then him. After that, your final score will be totaling 130 points. If you lose the 2nd round with a total of 5 goals, and that your enemy Mynci has 12 points, you will be able to still have the first 130 points and to be given an additional 25 points because 5 goals x 5 points equal 25. After that your total score will become 155 and the game will end there.


During the game, many power ups will be available for you to grab. In order to do so, you will have to get the ball to touch the Pawkeet that will appear and disappear all over the map. You will have to touch him when he is present so that you can get the bonus he will provide. Note that not all the bonuses will be enjoyed, and this is why below there is a short list that will describe them. It is important to read it in order to get a better idea of the game.

You will sometimes be given a big net. This will make the net become bigger, thus giving you and your opponent a harder time making the ball go to the other side. This is recommended for people who have a lot of skills and want to make their opponent have a hard time to beat them.

The Small net is another power up that is the contrary of the one previously said. This will make sure that your net becomes small and therefore that it decreases in its height. This will make the game much more easier for both players and from there you will be able to notice that the rounds are lasting much longer.

The Giant ball will be increasing the size of the current white ball. This will make it heavier and if you had the habit to kick it for away on the screen, then it will be no longer possible because of its weight. This is perfect if you would like to have an advantage over your opponent because most of the time he will have a hard time pushing it back to your side.

The superspeed will give the ability to the Mynci who have shot the ball lastly to be much more quicker. This will give that Mynci the opportunity to go all over the place the quickest possible way because it will allow him to have his speed multiplied by a lot.

The supersize is the same as the last one, which means obtainable from the Mynci who has touched the ball in last, but this time it will not give you extra speed, but extra size instead. The extra size is useful for those think the screen is too big for the Mynci, because it will give them the opportunity to become bigger, thus consuming much more place and having a lower chance of losing the round (because the ball will touch the floor on your side less frequently).

There is also the super jump, which will give the Mynci who has shot the ball all the way to it to jump a lot higher in the air. You will want to avoid this one because even if you will be able to kick the ball further, you will require more time to land back and your opponent will be able to score on your side during that time, giving you a harder time to play. However, if your opponents receives it, you will be able to laugh at him.

The Watch the Turdle power up will make sure that the opponent of the Mynci who has hit the ball receives a Turdle that will remain on his way so that once he hit it, he will stay stuck for few seconds. It is recommended that if you happen to have one of these on your path because of your opponent, to make sure that the ball will take a while before coming on your side and that you quickly run to it to make sure that it disappears. It will remain there forever if you don’t go on it, so better do it when it is the best moment than when you are trying to kick back the ball.

Neopets Mynci Beach Volleyball Strategy & Cheats

You will be able to type the cheat code dirigibles so that you can make a Kiko appear and float on the screen for the fun. You will be able to type this cheat code the number of time that will suit your needs. Alternatively, you can type turdle to receive the Watch the Turdle power up on your opponent`s side which will make sure that he will be stuck for several seconds when he runs on it.

Make sure that you are always in the center of your side because if you are near the net and your opponents kicks the ball to the far left, you will not be able to go and kick it. For that reason, stay in the middle. It is recommended that you try to get the superspeed because you will then be able to move freely and much more quickly. If you have a big net, remember that your opponent will also have a hard time kicking the ball to go past it. Try to stay near it when you kick the ball and when you receive it, because it will most likely not go further than that.

If you happen (or your opponent) makes a small net, you will be able to get the ball to the other side more easily, but note that your opponent will also be able to do the same. For that reason keep hitting the pawkeet hoping it becomes bigger or back to normal because when it is small, you will risk yourself losing the current round.

It is recommended that if you are one of those people who are going after a super high score or after a trophy to grab the pawkeet until you have the big size and speed. If you have those, you will want to avoid hitting the pawkeet additional times, even if it is not always easy. However, if you have the superjump, continue hitting him so that you can get rid of it.

After that you will want to score exactly eleven goals and to lose voluntarily until your opponent also has eleven goals. From there you will be able to make a point, lose one, make a point, lose one and so on that the level becomes endless, thus giving you a good time where you will be able to grab the most amount of points depending on your skills. A maximum score of 1220 can be reached as the game is not infinite, and if you manage to score atleast 800 points at Neopets Mynci Beach Volleyball, you will be given the Spike! Avatar. Good luck.

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