Neopets Mop ‘n’ Bop

Neopets Mop ‘n’ Bop is made for the people who have always dreamed of bathing petpets. Neopets Mop ‘n’ Bop will have you, controlling the Yurble and walking infinitely while bathing the petpets because they are dirty.


You will be controlling the janitor, a Yurble, that will be walking all his way in the game of Neopets Mop ‘n’ Bop and bathing all the petpets that he will encounter. Your main objective will be to not let pass a single petpet without it being washed. You will be located in the Hall of Heroes that is in the world of Altador. The place is clean and this is the main reason you do not want dirty petpets to be walking on it. The security are on the Terror Mountain and are too busy, so you will have to do the work instead.

You will have to use your mouse and the left click of the mouse button. You will have to use the power of your mop and then to smack the petpets in order to get them cleaned. Note that you will have to put power on it depending on if you have time or not and that the more power there is, there cleaner the petpet will get. Remember that you will not always have the opportunity to do the maximum power cleaning, so sometimes you will have to do half power, etc, because mostly on the later game there will be more and more petpets coming all your way and it will be easier for you to lose.

You will be going through the hall and the further you get, the more the game will get simply because there will be more petpets coming and showing up. Note that you will also be able to do some upgrades so that cleaner can get faster (or slower but more efficient), etc and that will be described later in the guide.

Game Controls & Petpets

You will be always moving to the right direction, as the Yurble janitor and you will not be able to stop. He will be moving by himself which means that you will not have to move him by yourself. If you would like to bath the petpets with the mop, simply fill the gauge that will be located on the absolute maximum of the screen and proceed by clicking on the left mouse button if you would like to do so. After that you will be able to swing it and from there you will be able to bath the said petpet. When you have the required power (when you press on the left mouse button), simply release it when you think that the power meter is sufficient for you to clean X petpet. You will have to start clicking before you encounter the petpet so you will have enough time to adjust the power meter.

The longer the left mouse button is pressed, the more yowill be able to bath the petpet. However, alternatively you will be able to click multiple times to clean the petpets. Once the mop is on the floor after charging and bathing petpets, you will be able to instantly click again in order to start replenishing the power meter and waste less time.

As for the petpets, they will be the enemies because they will be the main reason if you lose the game. They will be all dirty and you will have to clean them up in order to keep the Altador Hall of Heroes clean and shiny. To do that you will have to bath them by controlling your mouse as previously mentioned. There are many types of petpets and they will not be always the site, so below is a guide that will help you get a better idea of the game. It is recommended that you read it to know each of the petpets so that if you’re going after a super high score or after a trophy you’ll be ready for what awaits you.

The first petpet is the Minitheus which is one of the slimplest simply because he will keep walking his way and all you will have to do is to bath him. Later he will come with a high number of petpets but it is not a problem because he will not do anything special that will prevent you from succesfully bathing him without having to worry.

The Altachucks is the same as the petpet previously mentioned, which is the Minitheus, because they will keep walking their way and you will have to clean them. However, since the Minitheus are heavier than the Altachucks, these Altachucks will be moving faster, even though it is not a big difference. This only becomes harder in the later game because more petpets will start coming your way and you will possibly want them to slow a little.

The Alabriss is just like the Altachucks, he will be moving and he is somewhat easy to bath and the speed he has is the same of the Altachucks. However, this one will have something particular and it is that he will be flying. He will not be too far from the ground but make sure that don’t underestimate him as sometimes he will give you a hard time bathing him when there are more petpets walking to the left side of the screen.

The Vaeolus is a nice little fire bird with a yellow face that once he starts appearing, indicates that the game is starting to get tougher and there you will have to be more careful as you will be having a hard time. They will fly just like the Alabrisses but there Vaeoluses will be flying faster than them. Just like the Altachucks are faster than the Minitheus. This petpet will be flying, though, so he is harder to hit with the mop than a petpet that will be walking.

Lastly, the Altalaphuses are the last petpets you will encounter during Neopets Mop ‘n’ Bop and they are harder to clean than the previous petpets simply because they will be so speedy and they will be bouncing. With some skills you will be able to wash these, but you will have to stay careful.

Neopets Mop ‘n’ Bop Upgrades

During the game, you will be given the opportunity to upgrade your mop stick and the head of the mop so that it becomes easier for you to wash the petpets. When you will upgrade the mop, you will have different choices from the list to choose from and if you happen to change your mind later, it is not a problem as you will also be able to change what you’ve upgraded for to pick something else.

When you receive the first upgrade, you will see that the circle located on the top of the screen became orange. That means you have an upgrade that is ready to use. Wait until there are no petpets (so that you don’t get confused once you’ve successfully made the upgrade) and click on it. After that you will have the opportunity between a light mop and a heavy mop stick. You will be able to choose the one your looking after. Note that the light one will be faster and that the heavy one will be slower but more effective. After that you will have the opportunity of choosing, on the third level, a mop head that can be small, medium or large. The bigger it is, the more effective it will be, but note that it will not be as effective as the previous ones.

You will have to make sure that once you receive your upgrade, that you uses it because otherwise you will not be able to continue to the later game and you will lose quickly. There are upgrades for a reason, so you may want to use them.

You will be given that opportunity whenever you come near the King Altador statue.


When playing, you will also notice that there are several powerups for you to grab that have effects for their own. They will be available for you to grab once you clean a petpet. Below is a short list that describes them and tells their effect so that you can get a better idea of the game.

The first power up is the Power which is a circle with a orange and yellow star in the middle of it. This one will be able to increase the strength of your mop, which means that when you clean a petpet, even if you don’t do the max powered mop, he will be very cleaned because of that bonus.

The second power up is the Honey which is a yellow circle in the middle of a circle. This one will be able to decrease the time once he fails at bathing a petpet. This will give you a slight advantage because you will then be able to wash them more easily.

The Money is the coin located in the middle of a circle. This one is very good for people who are going after a super high score or after a trophy because it will boost their total score and points so that they can get a chance to achieve a better score. Note that since this game is infinite, it is not that important. However, if you find it and grab it, of course you will have to consider this coin as a cool power up.

The Speed power up is the one that has a blue flower inside the circle. This one will make sure that the speed of the janitor increase. You may be thinking that you do actually want to be slower so that you can have more time to wash the petpets. Note that this power up will not only increase the Yurble’s speed, but it will make sure that your rejuvenating speed also becomes faster. That means you will be able to wash petpets in no time. Unfortunately, this power up will not last more than a few seconds so once you have it, try to make the most of it.

Lastly there is the Water power up that will be able to fill the bucket that is located on the top right side of the screen. Once you grab this, you will be able to throw it at the petpets so that it can wash multiple of them at a same time (if you aim correctly). In order to do that, you will have to click on the bucket or you can choose to press the space bar to have an easier time doing it. If you’re about to lose and it is getting out of control because there are many petpets coming your way, it is a good opportunity to throw it at the petpets. The more water there is in your bucket, the cleaner the petpets will get.

Neopets Mop ‘n’ Bop Strategy & Cheats

It is recommended that when you start the game, since there will be less petpets in circulation coming your way compared to the later game, that you make sure the power meter is fully filled when you wash the petpets simply because you can. This way there will be less dirt that will make you lose the game. After doing this you will be able to make sure that you remain in the game for a longer period of time.

Once you see that there is an orange circle at the top of the screen that indicates you have a new upgrade that is now available to you, simply press it because you will want to get prepared for the later game. Even if the heavy mop stick is fine, it is recommended that you pick the light one because it will make the Yurble janitor cleaning the petpets in a faster way, even if his speed will also increase by a little. As for the mop head, the average sized one is perfect. In other words, if you have a light mop stick and a medium sized mop head as upgrades, you will find that the later game is easier for you.

Make sure that if there are multiple petpets coming your way, and that you have to time make the power meter to the max, that you hold until they are near you so you can wash them all at once.

Don’t spend the water in the bucket because you will want to keep these for serious occasions. These will be helpful in the late game where there will be many petpets coming your way and where you will not have enough time to charge and to wash them. If that happens, where you are in a situation like this one, simply click on the bucket or press the space bar to wash them all. It is better when the bucket is filled to its maximum because the petpets will be cleaner and the accumulated dirt will be lower.

If there are many petpets coming your way, for example, a bulk of three and one that is alone. Start filling up your power meter and only release it when you are near the three petpets because if you decide to wash the first one, you will not have enough time to fulfill the power meter again. You will have to learn that some petpets will have to be prioritized during the game simply because your main objective will not only to wash the petpets, but the avoid having the last bucket filled with dirt, otherwise the game will be over and you will have to start again.

If you’re going after a high score or after a trophy, we recommend that you try to achieve it on the first day of the month because there will be less people on the HST and if you follow the tips we have provided, you will be surely able to get there within the first day after few tries. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

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