Neopets Moltara Run

Neopets Moltara Run is a game located in Moltara that can be considered as a competition. Neopets Moltara Run will be able to remind you of Volcano Run II if you’re a big fan of lava.


The game is almost the same as Volcano run II and you will be able to play as another character than Glubgar. Neopets Moltara Run is a modified version of Volcano Run II. You will be able to use the keys that are located on your keyboard along with your mouse that is the main thing you will be using to get a global control of the screen. In order to go higher with Roxton, you will have to hold while pressing the left mouse button for a bigger amount of time.

You will be able to press the V key that is located on your keyboard if you would like to speed and go further in a speedier way, or you can decide to push the C key if you would like to go slowly (if there are flaming rocks in order way that you would like to skip or if there are fireballs coming your way). In other words, the C key will let you go backward (which is to the left side because this game is actually in two dimensions). If you touch the edges of the screen or if you touch a fireball (or a rock) you will lose a life from your starting three and your counting meter will reset, meaning it will go back to zero.

A best distance will be given to you that indicates the farthest distance you’ve done until now. If on your second try you are able to go further, then this distance will replace the old one and it will be marked as your new best distance. However, if you are not able to get further than where you were before, then your current best score will remain the same and you would have not changed anything because you would have failed to beat it in this case.

At the beginning of the game a total of three lives will be awarded for you to use. Note that if you touch the edges of the screen, if a fireball that is coming your way touches the character you’re currently controlling or if you touch a rock, you will lose one of your lives. Some people prefer having more than three lives and this is why a recommendation of us would be to use the cheat code glubgar in order to get an extra life. Next to your three lives (or less if you type it later in the game), you will notice that there is another life that has been awarded to you.

You will have to, as a main objective, stay in the game for the longest amount of time possible in order to grab more points. The game will not end and you will be able to go as far as you want. You will be able to dodge the stuff you will encounter that will harm you and as long as you do, you will be able to keep getting points.


There are few elements that can be found in the game that you will have to know in order to get a global idea of the game. Below is a short guide that will enumerate them in order to give you a better knowledge, so that if you are trying to reach a high score or a trophy, you will know what you should do.

One of the items is the yellow gem that will give you a total of 10 bonus points added to your additional count. You will have to grab these to raise your current count.

Another item is the red gem that will award you a total of 20 bonus and it is exactly as the yellow one, but gives you a little extra. Grab these to raise your total points, but note that they are rare enough.

You will be also able to take a shield that looks like a bubble. This will last for a total of five seconds and it will protect you against any damage that can harm you and make you lose a life. During these seconds, you will be immune to anything which means that even if you touch an obstacle you will not lose a life. Instead, the bubble will pop.

The fireballs will come your way and they will be there to make you lose a life. You will have to avoid them at any cost. They will come from the right of the screen flying toward the left side, and sometimes you will have to calculate what you will have to do when it is far away simply because sometimes it can get really tough.

There are rocks that have lava on them, which will usually be stationary. However, you will notice that some of them will be moving horizontally or even vertically at a speed that will vary (which is not always the same). For any type of rock, you will have to make sure that you do not touch it otherwise you will lose a life and you will have to start the distance.

Lastly, there are geysers that will start appearing after reaching the 500 points mark. They will start shooting lava at different laps of time and you will have to dodge them if you do not want to lose a life. These will be able to be identified from the noise they will make when you start coming near them. They will shoot lava at different intervals of time so you will have to be ready, then use the C or V key depending on where your character is and of the circumstances.

Score & Points

Once the game reach its end, the distance you would have reached will convert itself in points that will be added to your final score. Distance is calculated by meters and every time you will successfully make a 1 meter distance, this point will mean that you will have 1 point. You will be able to grab gems that will add to your additional score. Don’t forget that the yellow gem will give you a total of 10 points whereas the red one will give you a total of 20 points, added to your additional count.

Remember that you will have three attempts to go as far as you can unless you type glubgar, where you will be provided with an additional life for you to use, thus having more chance of reaching a better distance. A maximum score of 450 points can be obtained from the gems. After that, a set of three fireballs will replace the gems. It is possible to get above 450 points and that by doing this trick: wait until you have a total of 420 points and from there collect two more yellow gems, or a red one to reach 440 points. You will have noticed that the gems always appear in a set of three, which means you will be able to boost your score up to 470 points. If you’re extremely lucky, you will be given a red gem, which can make your score obtained from gems 480, or if you get two red gems you can make it 490 points.

Sometimes, on very rare occasions, on the screen there will be a set of three gems, then before you continue you will find another set of three gems shortly after. That means if you’re at 440 points and that you find the first set, you will be able to get your score to 470 points then to grab the rest to make it 500 points. If there is one red gem in each set, your score will be 520 points obtained from gems once you grab them all, and if you’re hyper mega suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper lucky you will have two gems in each set giving you the opportunity to reach 540 points. Note that this will likely never happen so don’t rely on this.

Neopets Moltara Run Strategy & Cheats

If you’re going after a super high score or after a trophy, make sure that even if it is tempting to grab the gems that will be on your path, don’t do it. You will want to reach the maximum distance first because once you get the 450 points, there wont be any more appearing and instead there will be three fireballs that will be replacing them. It is very hard to reach a good distance when these fireballs are coming and for that reason you will want to dodge the gems until you reach a very good distance. Once you die, you can proceed to collect the gems in order to get a good score.

Unlike Volcano run II, this game does not give you an avatar and it is almost the same. For that reason, if you’re a fan of Volcano run II and you’ve already beat the game, you may want to play Neopets Moltara Run to rejoice. Good luck.

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