Neopets Make Some Noise

Neopets Make Some Noise is an Altador Cup game where you will have to be as fast as possible and to make the most noise that you can possibly do. Neopets Make Some Noise will however not have any yooyuball included, which means that it is different from Neopets Yooyuball and Neopets Slushie Slinger.


During Neopets Make Some Noise, there will be many fans that are scrimming and one of them will have your team logo on him. Your job is to make noise, obviously. Doing noise at home and hoping for a score is not a recommended choice. What you will have to do is to press the two letter keys that will be presented to you on the bottom of the screen once you start playing. You will have to press them in the fastest possible way. You will have to use your speed skills, in order words, and to try as hard as you can to receive more points.

Remember that the quicker you are, the more points that will be given to you. You will also be able to see a bonus key that will pop up during the game, at random times and you will be given the opportunity to press it in order to grab more points (as long as you keep pressing the two letter keys, otherwise you will lose the slight advantage that the bonus key will boost your current score with). The game will last for a total of 30 seconds, however, you will be able to finish it before that time if you decide to press the space bar that is located on your keyboard.

Score & Points

Calculating the points you will receive from the game is quite hard, but there are some things you will be able to take into consideration that will help you know where it will be located at. There is a volume meter that you will find on the bottom right of the screen. This is the power that will be being produced when you start pressing the keys. Remember that your main objective is to keep it on the orange and more to the right section, that is on the left of the semi circle. You will have to press the keys very rapidly to get the most amount of possible points. The points will be on the bottom of that semi circle, however, when you press the space bar or when the game finishes, you will notice that the amount of points you got is not what was indicated.

You will have to know that the bonus points will give you between 100 and 500 points, which can influence the score and that the accuracy will also award you with points so you will have to press exactly the keys and try to not press any other keys that are on your keyboard too. The higher your score is, the harder it will be to maintain it. This game is not balanced, which means that it is possible for one to achieve a score of 8000+ and then to leave the keyboard so that it comes back to zero again. The maximum score is 9999 points and when it comes that high it will be mostly based on luck, however know that it is actually reachable.

Neopets Make Some Noise Strategy & Cheats

Neopets Make Some Noise will require speed and therefore it can require a lot of your hands strength, which can hurt you in the long run. Make sure that you play this game on the morning rather than at the night simply because you will have “more strength” then and you will be able to feel less tired after playing it. Remember that the minimum score you will be able to reach for it to count is 3,000 points so take your time.

There is no high score table, so you can decide to reach a high score if you want for your own purpose, and then there would be no point on always going above 3,000 points. For that reason, you will want to take your time to not damage yourself. This game is hated by many people and you will have to control it by taking it easy. You will have 30 seconds to achieve a score, which is high enough. Once you get the three thousands points, simply press the space bar in order to end the current game. Alternatively, you may want to play on the other Altador Cup games that are Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown if you get bored from that one, then you can come back to it later.

Remember that you should not press the tab key because it will then end the current game and award you with a score of 0, which is not what you’re looking after. Note that for the Altador Cup XI, the minimum amount of points you will need in order to have the score count is 2,700 points and you will be able to play a total of 401 games daily. The 401 cap can not be exceeded in on day. The following day will be a new one and it will give you the opportunity to go over that number.

It is recommended that you press the space bar once you reach a score of 3,000 for the simply reason that the score is not stable. Sometimes you will see that your score is, for example, 4000, and once you press the space bar it becomes 3,500. Sometimes it can go up to 4,500 but since it is not clear because people tend to forget if they grabbed the bonuses or if they have been accurate (which you can almost not tell), then it is recommended that you reach a score of 3,000 before you proceed to click the space bar. If you still feel that you want few more points, go to 3,200 and it is as easy as saying hello because it happens in a manner of seconds. Remember that the points that you will be able to acquire on the beginning of the level is usually easier than the amount that can be obtained when the score starts to get higher. For that reason you may want to note that 3,000 points or few more is fairly reasonable and can be obtained in a manner of seconds.

Good luck.

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