Neopets Lever of Doom

Neopets Lever of Doom is a level that is located in the world of Kreludor that you will have to decide whether you would want to pull the lever, or not. Neopets Lever of Doom will tell you clearly, before you pull it that you should NOT PULL THIS LEVEL. It is clearly mentioned, and you should probably to pull it. If you would like to know what it does, read below.


Neopets Lever of Doom will take from you 100 Neopoints from you when you pull the lever. You will be able to pull the Neopets Lever of Doom as many times as you want. After that, each time there will be a hand of doom that will be popping out and stealing Neopoints from you.

If the total amount of Neopoints that you have on your hands is less than 100, the lever will not take any Neopoints from you. Instead, a message will tell you that nothing happens.

You would be wondering why on earth would anyone pull a lever of doom just to see their Neopoints being taken out. The Neopets Lever of Doom is on the game so that some Neopoints can be taken off of the game and to increase the Neopian economy value. The flash games are awarding as high as millions of Neopoints and the site will have to remove a small number of Neopoints so that the economy can stabilize.

However, how will still be wondering and saying “Why on earth would I pull the Level of Doom? I don’t want to spend my Neopoints this way, even if TNT wants to get rid of them. They better find another way”. Well, you should know that if you pull the lever of doom, you will have a chance of having the Lever of Doom avatar and this will happen when a total of 100 Neopoints have been successfully stolen from you at a random time. That means you will not only spend 100 Neopoints for the avatar, but you will have to keep pulling it to see whether you’re lucky enough to receive it, or not. The amount of times you will have to pull the Neopets Lever of Doom for are unknown, as the game is mostly based on luck. You can make it with your first try just like it can take you all the day to receive the avatar. However, you will most likely receive it after several tries, and not waste millions of NP on this. Good luck.

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