Neopets Ice Bori

Neopets Ice Bori is a Neopet that is really valuable because it is was only obtainable from a toolbar, in the past and it is no longer available to receive it by that way.

Basic Information

You had to download the toolbar on a given period of time, and then you would have received an Ice Bori. Since the toolbar was pretty common, the Ice Bori is not necessarily that rare, but you will have to know that if you do not have it then it is no longer obtainable. Later, you will know how to receive an Ice Bori.

You will not be able to paint your bori to make it ice, even though you use the lab ray or the special Fountain Faerie quest. There is also no single morphing potions that will allow you to receive an Ice Bori. Unfortunately, if that was something you were going for, you will not be able to have it even if someone decided to pound his / her Ice Bori simply because it will instantly transform to blue if the Bori is pounded.

The pet creator will not even let you create an ice Bori.

You might be asked yourself why the Ice Bori was available before and no longer now. Back in 2004, Neopets has released released the plot named Hannah and the Ice Caves, which was the creation of the tool bar that was associated with Neopets and the Yahoo toolbar. In that plot, the Ice Bori has had its place, which was fundamental. The plot took place in the Terror Mountain and these Boris were frozen until Hannah decided to save them.

After that, there was a toolbar that Neopets wanted to make their users download. In order to convince them to do so, they had to offer a new pet.

For that reason, they told everyone that if they downloaded the toolbar, they would receive an Ice Bori from the pet creator section. The Ice Bori was just like another basic color, but it was designed as Ice and for the people who wanted one, they had to download the toolbar. Once that was done, they were only able to have one Ice Bori per account. When the toolbar was discontinued, the Ice Bori vanished with it.

However, users who have had the Ice Bori were able to keep it.

The only way to receive an Ice Bori is through the Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway or through user to user transfers. If the Ice Bori is pounded, it will transform to a blue Bori so that must be avoided at any cost!

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