Neopets Gormball

Neopets Gormball is one of the first game that were ball related that has been released on Neopets. This game is more like a kid’s ball playing game where you will have to pass to your teammates a ball that is fulfilled of water and the one whom it explodes with will be the first loser. In Neopets Gormball, only one winner will be designed victorious at the end once every one of his teammates have lost.


Before you start playing Neopets Gormball, select a character from a list that you will have to pick in order to play with. Each character has different skills depending of his abilities. However, note that no character has more chance to win than any other simply because then, the game will be unbalanced and every one will pick the character that has the more chance to be victorious. Look at their apparance, read their description and then choose what you think will suit you the best.

To start playing, you will first have to select the amount of time that the Gormball will be lasting on the hands of X player before they will hand it to the next character in a circle. That will have to be done because once you pass the ball, it will be instant. However, since this is an old game it will not be evident to see a live show where every player will be holding it for three seconds. For that reason, simply pick the amount of time. More points will be awarded to you the more the ball is being held by you. However, note that it will explode in a random given time. If you set the time to be higher, the ball will have more chance to explode quickly. So you will have to decide whether you will want to get more points for the price of losing quickly, or you can decide to hold the ball for a minimum amount of seconds to have it last longer. Note that this logic does not always work as the ball can and will explode at any given time.

From time to time, you will be given a Gormball bonus, which will give you a total of extra points. They will be awarded through the game and will depend of the current score you actually have. Below is a list of bonuses that will help you get a better and clear idea of the game, which can be helpful if you’re aiming for the maximum possible score, even though there is no trophy that can be obtained from the game.

The first bonus Gormball is the pink colored one that has flowers on it. It will appear if your score is 15 or below and it will grant you a total of 1 to 6 points added to your additional count.

The second bonus Gormball is the small dark pink colored ball that will need a score of less than 10 to be obtained, but that will grant you a total of 10 to 35 points added to your additional count.

The third bonus Gormball that is grey and looks heavy will require a score of 16 to 35 and it will be able to remove from you a total of 5 to 20 points. This ball is there for your disadvantage and should not make you excited when you see it appear on your hands.

The Gormball that looks like a blue planet will require a score of less than 35. This one will give you a total of 20 to 30 points that will be added to your additional count.

The candy looking Gormball will also require a score that is less than 35 points, and this one will give you 5 extra points than the last one, which means from 25 to 35 points.

The yellow looking ball with “hairs” of the red color will require a score of less than 45 and it will award you a total of 20 to 30 points that will be added to your additional count.

The Rainbow colored Gormball will require a score of less than 50 points and it will reward you a total of 30 to 40 points, added to your additional count if you receive that bonus ball.

The dung colored Gormball will also require a score that is less than 50 points, however, it will remove from you with 15 points up to 40 which is worse than the one previously mentioned, because this one will be ranging from the 15 points mark.

The black Gormball that has a 8 written on it will require a score that is less than 70, and this one will award you a gain of 50 to 70 points added to your additional count.

Lastly, the smiley ball that will require a score of less than 100 will award you with 50 to 100 points, added to your additional count. This is the best bonus Gormball and it is heavily wanted. If you happen to have it, then you can start feeling happy knowing that in your hands is the best Gormball bonus ball in the game.

Score & Points

During Neopets Gormball, you will be able to receive a total of 2 points per second, a total of 4 points per two seconds, six points per six seconds, 8 points per 4 seconds and so on. When your score is between a total of fifteen and thirty six, the bonuses you will be able to receive will make sure that you lose a few points of your total count. Since this can occur regularly, it is recommended that you hold the ball for a longer amount of time so that you will be, at the same time, able to increase your score in a faster way. Once you are victorious of a game, you will be given Neopoints for your efforts. These Neopoints can be calculated by doing your final score and by multiplying it by 4. From that, a random prize item will also be awarded. So we can consider it like a double win.

Neopets Gormball Strategy & Cheats

When you play Neopets Gormball, keep in mind that you should be spending more time with the ball if the player that comes next to you loses. The reason is that the ball will be then able to start fresh as a new one, and even if you take a longer time while holding it, it will be likely that nothing will ever happen to you. From there, you will also be able to grab more points for a better final score.

Since the lowest amount of time you can hold the ball in is a total of two seconds, note that by reloading the page, the ball will be passed to the next teammate and you will have held it only for a total of one second. This bug can be used to skip a second and it is for your advantage. Let’s say the Gormball has been played with for a lot, and it hasn’t exploded yet, then you will be able to refresh the page to have it with you a total of one second instead of two, thus reducing the chance it will explode while you’re holding it.

If your total score is between thirteen and thirty six, there you will only receive Gormball bonuses that are for your disadvantage. You can see these Gormballs in the section at the top if you haven’t done so. For that reason, you will want to stay between ten and thirteen points the time you get a bigger bonus. Other than that, you can choose to increase your score quickly to reduce the chance an unfortunate Gormball will appear on your hands.

After a long period of time, if you play too much, your Neopet will get bored so you should keep in mind that you will not be able to play for the whole day, unless you play a bit for every moment.

After successful completion of a game, you will be able to receive an item that is rare 30 to 70. Sometimes you will even be able to receive items that are r101, which can only be given from events like Neopets Gormball, as an example. Below is a list that will show you how many, in percentage, chance you will have to receive prizes for each category of items.

For the Clothes, a total of 5.5% chance can be with you to receive them. Most of the time, you will receive food though, and toys. The chance you receive food is currently set at 32% and for the toys, there is 35.5% chance that you receive them. Grooming is also very frequent with a 19.5% chance to receive a grooming item. When it comes to medicine, slushies, and magic items, they will be less frequent. The odds for them are respectively 1.5%, 2% and 3%, which is not a lot. Lastly, with only 1% chance to get, you can have r101 special items which can be gifted to you upon being victorious on Neopets Gormball. If you win a game of Gormball, you will also be able to receive the Gormball – Gargarox Avatar. Good luck.

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