Neopets Gender

Neopets Gender is whether your pet is a Male or a Female.


There is a total of three ways that you will be able to do if you’re looking to change the gender of your pet. The first one is by going to the lab scientist. If you would like to do that, you will simply have to purchase the 9 Secret Laboratory Maps for approximately 1,500,000 Neopoints from any place in Neopets, and then you will have to Zap your Neopets until he changes gender. However you will have to note that this is not recommended if you’re zapping a pet you like, because he will have the possibility to change species and colours, and he will be able to lose strength, defence and agility points. For that reason, it is recommended that you’re sure you would like to zap him by going to the Neopets Laboratory Map section of the game, where you will find the Yellow Scorchio scientist and zap him.

A second way is to fight the Lab Ray Scientist by himself, in the Battledome. However, to have him as a challenger, you will also have to purchase the Laboratory Map Set and from there you will have a chance to have him as a challenger. He will have a Strange Potion that is equipped with him, and if he manages to fire it at you, you will then see that the gender of your Neopet has changed, whether you like it or not. If your Neopet gender was Male, he will turn into a Female, and if the Neopet was Female in the first place, she will turn into a Male. You will not have to win against him in order to receive a gender switch, as he will only have to use the Strange Potion that he has. This can take few battles with the Lab Ray Scientist in order to be attacked with the Strange Potion, as he does not use it that often.

If you would like to receive the Scientistist as a challenger, you will have to go to the page that says Select a Pet, and from there you will be able to get him as a challenger. Note that you will need the lab ray if you would like to go there. The Neopets Secret Laboratory Maps must only be redeemed in your main account and therefore the Neopet that you want to change his gender must be on your main account. If TNT notices that you are trying to make a profit on your side account, you will be most likely warned or frozen, depending on the time you’ve been playing Neopets.


You will not have to fight the Lab Ray scientist or to zap your pet for a chance to have it change its color / species, go back to level 1 or to lose other points. You will be able to buy the Strange Potion by yourself. This is the potion that the lab scientist uses on you, however you will not be able to equip it as he does. You will be then able to use it on your Neopet to see that their gender have been successfully changed. Note that the Strange Potion can be quite pricey and can be ranging from 1 million all the way up to 2 million Neopoints. For that reason, only go for it if you have the appropriate budget. You will not want to waste months of savings over something that will change the gender of your Neopet. Choose wisely.

After that, you will be able to decide to purchase a Royal Boy Kyrii Morphing Potion or a Royal Girl Kyrii Morphing Potion. However, these are not that sought after because you will have to sacrifice your Neopet specie in order to have his / her gender changed.

Lastly, if you don’t mind about the specie of your Neopet, whether it changes or not, and all that matters to you is the gender, nothing else, you may want to try the Witchy Negg. CAUTION: however, this item doesn’t guarantee that the gender of your Neopet will change, and it has also a chance of turning your Neopet into a Moehog, a Lenny or into a Tuskaninny. It has also a chance to play with the intelligence of your Neopet to add or decrease points depending of the luck you will have.

In the past, people were able to change the gender of their Neopets by using the Cape of the Sun, although it does not work anymore. Once this item was equipped to your Neopet, that pet have had the possibility to change gender from Male to Female. However, Female to Male did not work back then. This no longer works because it was a glitch that was done by TNT, and therefore it was completely fixed. You will be able to use the Cape of the Sun without having to worry, as nothing will happen to your Neopets from now on if you decide to use it.


TNT have said in an editorial that if you change the gender of your Neopet, it will not be converting. That means, for the people who have unconverted Neopets that were obtainable back in the day, before April 2007, can change the gender of their Neopet without having to actually have their pets converted, which would be very unfortunate.

It is recommended that you do not use the Lab Ray as the main way to go after a gender change, because you will have a chance to have the color and the specie of your pet to also change, which is not something all people want if they have a nice colored pet. If you have the budget, simply buy the Strange Potion. If you do not have the budget to purchase that potion, battle a few times against the Lab Ray Scientist and he will be able to change the gender of your Neopet if he decided to use his Strange Potion, which will most likely happen.

Unlike before, where unconverted pets have had no change between a Male and a Female picture, now they do. They will look differently, in other words. The female pets will have longer lashes on their eyes than the males. If your pet is a Royal Boy, it means that this pet is a male. If he change its gender to a female, he will still be wearing the same clothes but the eyes will be different (because they will then contain fluttery lashes). Same thing happens if you have had a Royal Girl pet and you decided to change it to the ale gender.

If you are battling the Lab Ray scientist with a Royal Pet, you will have to know that doing so will not be able to make the pet revert back to the colour it was, and the clothes will not get back to the gender that is the opposite of the current one. If you zap your pet, which is not the same, and you happen to have a gender change, you will be able to notice that your pet’s apparence will have been changed. Zapping a Royal Girl pet by the lab ray and successfully having it change to male would make that pet a Royal Boy pet.

For the unconverted pets, if you change their gender, they will not turn from female to male or from male to female. Instead, the will be Royal Girl pets with the male gender or Royal Boy pets with the female gender. Strange, right? Well, that’s the Strange Potion is all about.

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