Neopets Frumball

Neopets Frumball is a ball ponging game where you will have to score the maximum amount of points by making sure that the ball does not fall on the void. Neopets Frumball is a game that is located in the Virtupets Space Station that will allow you to practice your speed skills and it is similar to Tetris, a very old game that originated from Nintendo itself.


During the game of Neopets Frumball, you will have to destroy all of the balls that you will be finding at the top of the screen. In order to do that, simply hit them with a ball. You will be able to manipulate the bat by the way you want, and it will in almost any case stay on the bottom of the screen. You will be able to move it to bother sides, by using the left arrow key and the right arrow key. However, it is better to use your mouse because it is faster than pressing the keys.

Unlike Tetris, there your bat will not be flat, meaning that you will be able to hit the ball coming to you in the way you want. Make sure that it does not go past your bat though, because it will then go into a deep void and you will lose a life. Always keep the ball on game to earn the maximum amount of points possible.


During the beginning of each of the levels that will be presented to you, you will have the opportunity to be gifted a countdown of three second of when the ball will be launching from the bat you will be controlling. The ball will then go to the top and it will let you aim more precisely. If you happen to lose a life, however, the same amount of seconds will be distributed again.

If you happen to destroy a bigger one, then your ball will be bouncing off simply because it weights less. You will be able to complete every level simply by getting rid of the balls that will be found during the game. Note that you will come across some bigger balls that will not be destructible, which means that even if you shoot at them, they will not make you win. They are obstacles for your disadvantage, but it will not prevent you from destroying the other bigger balls that are actually destructible, thus being able to proceed to the next level.

The more you progress, the more some balls will take more hits to destroy simply because the game will get more difficult to you.

When the game progress, you will also notice that the ball will start flying faster. It will speed more and more for your disadvantage. It will be harder for you to not lose lives, actually, but you will surely be able to make it if you play for a while, because you will get used to it.


You will be also able to earn powerups during the game, and they are given once you destroy a bigger ball. It will then drop from the ball and you will be able to go grab it with your bat. Note that it is not necessarily to take the power up, as some of them are known to not be so nice. However, you should consider many of them. Below you will find a short guide that will describe each of the power ups so that you can get a better idea of the game.

The power up named black 3 will provide three more lives for you. This is a perfect power up and should be considered at any time. Even if your ball is about to fall, you better take this powerup because it gives a total of three lives.

The cyan A is the second power up and it will be able to restart the current level you’re on, so that you will be able to grab more points from the balls. If you’re about to complete the level and do not want to restart it, simply skip it and let it fall down into the void.

The red C is another power up that will be available, and it will let your ball bounce in the opposite way, giving you a harder time to manipulate it. You should avoid this ball at any cost simply because you will not know its direction and orientation, thus giving you a harder time of winning the level, and maybe also giving you a chance to lose the current game you’re playing on.

The cyan D is another letter that can be considered as a power up, as it will be able to give you the Double Balls power up. This power up is quite helpful because another ball will be added in addition to the first one, and they will both contribute to smash the bigger balls. If one of them falls below your bat, the second one will remain and you will be able to continue playing. Note that if one of them falls past your bat, you will lose a life. So think twice before you get this power up.

The grey E power up will be able to enlarge your current bat, and it will also double the length it has. This is good if you feel insecure about keeping the game going on, so if you have any doubt simply grab this power up when you see it falling down, and coming next to you.

The cyan G power up is a nice one, because it will be able to glue the current ball and to keep it stuck on your bat, when it touches it. This will give you some time to think where exactly you want to throw it for the next move. It is also helpful because since it gives you more time to think, you will have less chance of losing, and you will be able to aim directly to hit the balls you are about to destroy.

The green H power up will make a Chokato, a fruit from Neopia that is blue with brown dots, to appear somewhere on the screen, which will give you a total of 1000 extra points. This is perfect in case you’re going after the trophy or after a super high score, simply because 1000 points can be quite a lot.

The black I is another power up, and it will make sure that the ball continue its direction, even if it hits bigger balls. This is a very recommended power up because it will make your ball brutal, thus being able to go through anything.

The red J is a power up that will make bag of Neopoints to fall of the sky, which once grabbed each one of them will award you a total of 75 points. These points are fundamental if your aiming for a good score, or to appear on the high score table because they can be the difference between, for example, the fifth place and the seventh one.

The green L is a power up that will be slowing down your ball. If you’re someone whos more into thinking and less in speed, this will give you the opportunity to have the ball being thrown slowly, thus giving you an easier time bringing back your bat to make sure it doesn’t fall below it, and it will also give you time to think how exactly you would like to place your bat to have it take the orientation you want.

The red M will give you the opportunity to have multiple balls all at once bouncing all over the screen. These balls can be of a great help because they will faster the process of completing the round. This is a really recommended power up. Out of all the balls, keep one of them so that you can be still playing.

The red O power up will drop a bag of Neopoints from the top of the map, which you will have to grab and you will be given a total of 200 points added to your additional count. This is perfect if you’re after the score. The more points, the better.

The orange P is a speeding power up that will make your ball go much more faster. That means, if you have found that the game was really slow, and you started being bored, then this power up is the perfect one for you. However, if you’re not into speed, it is recommended that you don’t grab it so that you don’t risk losing the current level you’re playing on.

The lavender Q will make your ball size differentiate, and it will because very small. This will give you the opportunity of being more precise when this ball comes on your bat. Because of its size, you will be able to accurately predict where it has to be to go to X place and to destroy Y ball all over the place.

The black V will have the Pant Devil, which is a Devil as its name says, to fall off from the top of the map, and he will hit your bat making you lose all if your points until 5 are remaining. No life will be taken from you. This is a very very unfortunate power up, and it is the worse of all ones that will be found during the game. Avoid it at any cost, if you’re going after a high score or not because you do not want to lose your points. What’s the point of playing if everything gets taken from you?

The black W will be able to wrap you to the next available level. No points will be taken from you, however, you will not be able to grab more points from the current level. This is good if you’ve noticed that the level you’re playing in is hard or is not for you. Otherwise, if you’re have too much fun, simply don’t grab it.

The black X is the last power up and it will allow you to have an extra life. Obviously, you should consider it because it does no harm. There is no reason to not want an extra life. Also, if you’re going after a super high score or after a trophy, this life will mean every thing and will determine your positioned ranking.

If you happen to grab a power up, then to grab a second one immediately after, then the effect of the first one you got will vanish, meaning that it will not apply anymore. This is good if you’ve made the mistake of grabbing a power up and you finally decided that you didn’t want it anymore. Then, it would be the time to quickly grab the other one falling if there is any to correct your mistake.

Neopets Frumball Strategy & Cheats

During the game of Frumball, you will have the opportunity to type kougra at the beginning of any of the level you will be playing to skip it. However, you will be losing all of your points by doing this. It is recommended that you use it for training, but if you are going after a good score, then this is obviously not a recommended choice.

Another cheat code that can be used in the game is frumball which will give you an additional life once you type it. It will, however, only be usable once per game for the good effect it provides.

Learn to be patient and to know where your ball is coming from. You will have to decide whether or not you will be taking X power up because you know your skills, and your weaknesses. You do not want to take something that is bad for you. Of course, the provided list of power up may seem a little hard to memorize at first, but if you play few games you will notice that you have started to quickly memorize them. From there, you will be able to know what to take and what to not take. Other than that, always make sure that your ball does not fall below the bat because it will take a life from you. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun.

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