Neopets Freaky Factory

Neopets Freaky Factory is a nice game where you will be playing in a factory to assemble the colors and product secrets that no one has ever heard about. Neopets Freaky Factory will give you the opportunity to be a factory worker that was emplyed by Krelufun Industries. Your main job consists to produce, produce and produce.


During the game of Neopets Freaky Factory, the only thing you will need is your mouse. When you will be playing, it is recommended that you get a big screen so that you can click on items in the most effective way possible. Some things will be small, and you will notice it while playing. That’s the reason you should enlarge your screen.

To start, start looking for the toy requirements so that you will get a global idea about what you will have to produce, and what colors will be needed. You can look at that in the window that is located at the right of the screen. The specie of the Neopet you will be created does not matter at all. What matters the most is its color and how many bars will be visible next to it. These bars are fundamental because they will tell you how many measures you will have to take to make x amount of colors. For the toys that have basic colors. Only the main colors will be required, which are yellow blue and red. If you come across rainbow toys, then you will have to mix stuff together to make different colours and get things done.

Note that the Blobs will be going on the top of the screen in a linear way. You will have to click on them to make them drop on the vats, in order to fill them up with the X required color. The larger the blob will be, the slower it will be. If it is small, it will be passing much more faster. You will also have to predict where the blob will be dropped. If it is going fast, don’t wait it to be on the vat to click on it. Instead, predict a distance. Four sizes of blobs will available. Small ones, Mediums, Larges and Extra Larges. The first one mentioned will paint the toy by half. Medium ones will be able to fully paint a toy, the next one makes it to a toy and half and lastly, the large ones will be able to paint 2 toys and a half.

Whenever the toy requirement has been respected, you will have to drain Kreludite from the vats that are in queue. Well, you don’t have to really do anything for that part. It will be done automatically. The toys that will be released from the queue will trav from the bottom of the screen all the way up to the left. However, if the toy gets stolen by Grundo Thief, you ill have to make it again because X toy will not count then, giving you a harder time to accomplish the current round.


Neopets Freaky Factory will sometimes be mean to you, because it will allow the Grundo Thief to pop up on the screen to steal toys from you. Sometimes, it will be even hard for you to locate him. You will be able to make him disappear by clicking on a blob to make it drop on his head, thus giving him a hard time to continue what hes doing.

Make sure that during the gameplay, you don’t drop random colors instead of the required one, because you will then be losing points and the game will be coming to its end. Always respect the order it says, and try to make the least amount of mistakes possible. If you ever feel that you are not sure about clicking on X blob, simply don’t do it. If you accidentally click on a blob and it falls on the vat, it is not a big problem but try to not do it again. If you accidentally click on a large or extra large blob that is not required for the job, it will be hard for you to continue but it is doable if you make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Know Your Blobs

During Neopets Freaky Factory, many blobs will be available for you to click on in order to fulfill your mission, but it may not always be easy simply because they have different forms and colors, which can get quite confusing. Below is a list of them that will help you memorize them, thus giving you the opportunity of getting a better score.

One of the Blobs will look evil and it is colored in purple. This is the Speed Blob which will speed the belt for a few amount of time.

Another Blob is the Freeze one. It will look like an ice cube. This one will slow the belt for a few seconds, in contrary to the previous one.

The angel Blob will be able to fill the color of the vat it gets thrown into, to help you pass to others things, thus wasting the minimum amount and giving you a slight advantage.

The Clean-up Blob will be able to chunk the meter of the spill.

The Glowing Blob will give you the opportunity to have the toys upgraded, which will make them change their current colors.

The Clock Blob is an orange clock that is quite rare, and it will add some extra time to your remaining timer. Five seconds, in other words.

Lastly, the Atom Blob will be able to fill up to three vats and it is only found in the late game, which means the levels of the end.

Evil Blobs

While you play, you will notice that there are some Evil Blobs that will be on the game. They will be coloured like the normal one, but they won’t be smiling and will be obviously evil. They will start entering the game from the right side, which is the opposite to the regular ones. If you ever make these land on a vat it will empty them and it will give you more work to complete the current level.

Scores & Points

Below is a short list that will tell you the amount of points you will earn from each Neopet species.

For the basic colors that are yellow, red or blue, the Jubjub will give you one point. The Poogle will reward you with two points, the Scorchio will give you three points, the Kau, four points, and the Chomby, five points.

The Secondary colors which are puplr orange and green will give you points too, but a little more. The Jubjub will give you 2 points, the Poogle will give you four points, the Scorchio, 6 points. 8 points will be rewarded for making a seconday coloured Kau and lastly 10 points for the Chomby.

The Rainbow colours are the hardest ones to obtain, thus they will reward you with more points. 3 points will be rewarded for making a Jubjub, 6 points for a Poogle, 9 points for a Scorchio, 12 points for a Kau and lastly, 15 points for a Chomby.

Neopets Freaky Factory Strategy & Cheats

For the first levels, it is recommended that you fill up the vats that are not required first, so that you can get ready for the later level. You will be able to have a head start and from there you will be able to win the round more easily. If you only wait for the specific color to come, then you will be wasting blobs simply because you would have been able to fill some vats to their half if not more.

When you have the opportunity to use a Speed Blobs or a Freeze one, use them to get a slight advantage. You will be able to slow the belt if you have a lot of them that are in the queue and the speed blob will make sure to give you an extra bonus. Remember to always click on the Clean-Up Blob and on the Glowing one. For the later levels, they will be useless but for the first ones, it is recommended to use them. If you achieve a score of 1250 points, you will qualify for the Freaky Factory – Yoinked Avatar. Don’t forget to have fun!

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