Neopets Flycatcher

Neopets Flycatcher is one of the funniest games of all Neopets, where you will be a Pink Quiggle trying to grab flies. Neopets Flycatcher will give you the opportunity to practice your predicting skills and it is you who chooses whether this game will be easy or difficult. It all depends on you.


During Neopets Flycatcher, you will be playing as a hungry Quiggle who is trying to fill up his hunger while eating a lot of flies. The more he eats, the better for him and the more points you will earn. He will also be able to eat flowers, even though that’s not his favorite meal. In addition to flies, colored bees will be found during the game and it will be a good option to grab them for extra points.

The controls are quite simple. All you will have to use is the left arrow key to move to the left side of the screen, the right arrow key to move to the opposite side, and the space bar to shoot the tongue of the Pink Quiggle all the way up to the place you aimed at.

The game consists of 10 different levels. Complete all the 10 will result in a game completion. For every level, a row of flies will snake through the flowers and they will keep moving without ever stopping. Your main objective is to eat all of them before they get down to your level and make you lose a life, thus having to restart the level. You can also grab flowers that will give the flies more space to move across, and it will reduce the amount of time they will take to come near you.

From time to time, you will notice that there are bees who are going all the way down to sting you. You will be able to eat them, however, if it is able to hit you, a life will be taken from you. For that reason, only go for it if you feel confident that you will be able to grab it.

Scores & Lives

The amount of points you will get is 1 for grabbing a flower, 2 for grabbing the normal fly, 5 points for grabbing the red one and 10 points for taking the violet one. 20 points will be awarded for each bee you are able to grab.

You will be given a total of three lives at the start of the game. If you lose one or more at the beginning of the game, it is recommended that you restart it simply because you will need all of them to get the most amount of points possible through the last level.

Neopets Flycatcher Strategy & Cheats

The colors of the flies will be changing when you start eating them. Their order is red on the front and violet on the back. If only one fly remains, its color will be red. You will have to consider them that way, because you will need a good score if you’re going after a trophy.

If you grab the purple fly, you will be given a total of 10 points. This is where it makes a big difference. If you always aim at the fly in the back, you will be able to receive 10 points consistently. It is recommended that you keep doing this, but it may not always be easy. On few occasions, you may want to grab the red fly at the beginning for 5 points because it is easier to predict than the purple one. Try to get the least amount of flies from the middle of the set because they will only award you two points.

If you have the skills (well, if you’re going after the trophy you will need some skills), go after the bees. It may not always be easy because they will sometimes go diagonally and the fast way. If you feel that it won’t be a success, simply dodge it. They will give you 20 points. If you eat 3 per game, that’s 60 extra points!

For the flowers, try to eat the least amount of them because you will waste precious time other wise. Try to focus mainly on violet flies. Lastly, through the final level (level 10), grab a good amount of flies and then die purposely to restart the level in order to earn more points. Type deliciousflies to earn an extra life, meaning you will be able to repeat the last level 3 times. After that, you should have enough points to qualify for the trophy. Good luck.

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