Neopets Eye of the Storm

Neopets Eye of the Storm is a game that will require some of your brain strength to determine the specific tile you’re looking for. Do not think that it is a hard game, because once it is successfully understood, you will be able to complete levels in no time. Neopets Eye of the Storm will also give you the opportunity to have lots of fun by playing a puzzle game that is one of the best of all Neopets.


During the game of Neopets Eye of the Storm, a total of 240 tile will be available for you to find the main treasure from. You may think it is a lot, but you should not worry because every time you will click on a fake tile, you will be given advice and tips on where the treasure will found on. Below is a list of tiles that you will come across during the game, and it is recommended that you read it to get a clear and better idea of the game.

The blue tile with a boat on it is one of the tiles you will be encountering during the game. If you happen to find it, you will be able to be victorious and this is the “treasure” that you are looking for. In the first levels, you will be able to find this tile quite easily, but as the game progress, it will get harder and harder.

Another tiles is the desert one with a desert Neopet on it. It is the lost soul that everyone was searching for. It will be pointing down.

There is a tile with a green Scorchio, Shumi that will be holding the position on the Cyodrakes Gaze. He will indicate the position of the boat with his small finger. He will be pointing towards the left side of the screen.

Linae is the pink Kougra that can be found on the game of Kou-Jong, she will point out to the top and from there you will have an easier time finding the ship.

Bonju in the chef who shoved Hoban, he will be directing you to the right side of the screen with his little finger.

The Cannon means that you will be able to blow up a total of four adjacent tiles that will not be flipped back over, for your own advantage.

If you find a treasure loot tile, you will be extremely lucky because it will give you a total of 20 extra points added to your total count. However, you will not be able to infinitely click on it to earn points. It will then flip back to become a normal tile.

The Blue tile with a storm on it is similar to the cannon tile but this time it will flip four adjacent tiles, and then it will flip back to become a normal tile just like the other one.

The blue background and the brown background are normal tiles and will not do anything.


During the game of Neopets Eye of the Storm, a total of three modes will be presented to you for you to play on. The first one is the Normal mode, the second is timed mode, the third is Zen mode. The Zen mode will give you the opportunity to play and learn more about the game, however it will not give you points. The Normal Mode will contain a total of 20 levels where you will have a total of 20 seconds, also, in each one of them. There if you are not able to find the Gaze for the 20 levels, the game will not be completed. What you want to do is to spend the less amount of time possible. As for the timed mode, you will have a total of 200 seconds, which are about 3 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the most levels you can. This is perfect for people who are confident, and are looking for a trophy simply because if it takes them 10 seconds to complete a level, then it will be reduced from the 3 minutes 20 seconds and they will be able to get as many points as they want.

If you start a game in Normal Mode, of course, as previously said, you will be facing a total of 20 levels. At the start of them, there will be a bonus on the bottom of the map that will be starting at 105. Each time you will click on a crew member, the tile will make that the bonus will go down by 6. In other words, you will want to click on the least amount of tiles possible.

If you clicked on Extended View, then your bonus will be taken down by 10 points every time you click on a tile. Brief Mode is the best because you will waste the minimum amount of points during that level.

Each level compelted will award you with 50 bonus points, and the regular bonus that will match the remaining points of the timer.

Your speed and the number of times you click on tiles will determine your score. If you’re going after a super high score or after a trophy, it is recommended the you click, by using your brain, on the least amount of tiles possible. Also, note that you will have to go in the quickest possible way because you will want to spend the minimum amount of time, to earn extra bonus.

If you score from zero to 800 points, you will earn the rank of Meagre. Having a score of 801 to 1600 will earn you the title of Good. Great will be given to you if you score between 1601 points and 3200 points and, lastly, Excellent ranking is awarded upon achieving a score of 3201 or more.

Neopets Eye of the Storm Strategy & Cheats

When you are playing Neopets Eye of the Storm, you will have to setup a strategy to spend the minimum amount of time, and to click on the least possible tiles. Always keep Brief View in normal mode because you will waste 7 points per tile click instead of 10 if it is extended view.

When you click on a tile, be careful to look clearly at the symbols you are given. The tiles previously mentioned will appear and you will have to consider them to find the boat (that is your main objective). You will want to click on four different spots then to analyses the screen to know where it is. Some tiles will obviously not contain the boat because of the previous tips given by the tiles. If people managed to be on the high score table, you will be able to do it too. All you will have to do is play for a while and you will see that your skills have raised. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun.

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