Neopets Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars

Neopets Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars is a game that will require you to shoot at evil fuzzles and from there you will be able to practice your shooting skills. The game may look hard, but rest easily because it is actually easier than you think. Neopets Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars will present you many rounds for you to play on, from which you will have to adopt different tactics in order to eradicate your enemies.


During the game of Neopets Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars, you will have to shoot at the evil fuzzles by clicking the left button of your mouse. Use the space button that is located on your keyboard if you’re looking to use a Smart Bomb (something that you will be able to purchase with points, in the game). That’s it!

Many aspects are important to know before you play the game, so that you will know what you’re doing and what to look at.

You will be carrying a gun. That gun is stuck with your mouse cursor and it will move wherever you move your mouse cursor. The Evil Fuzzles are monsters that you will have to shoot at to earn the points. If you are not fast enough, they will attack you. This game will contain space mines that will also damage you. Shoot at them to make them explode.

At the bottom of the screen, there will be your inventory with the items you are carrying with you. The first item will be Stun Bombs (they are blue) that can stun the Fuzzles for a small amount of time. They can be easily bought at the station for a reasonable price. The second item is the Smart Bombs that you currently have (they are red). Smart Bombs will be able to clear all the screen of Fuzzles, and you will simply have to press the space bar in order to do so. After that comes the shields. When shields are activated, they will give you a defense layer that will protect you by 20 health points. After that comes the level of your gun that can range from 1 to 6. The higher it is, the more powerful your gun is and the less shots it will require you to take down the evil Fuzzles. Then comes the amount of health you have remaining (losing them all will result in a Game Over). The Droid Repair indicates the level of your Droid, and will restore your hull integrity if it is higher than zero.

Lastly, on the bottom middle there will be a distance shown that will indicate the amount of time you still have until you reach the next station (until the round is over) to proceed to the next level. Every time a level is finished you will be able to use your points to purchase items.


The Fuzzles that you will be facing through the game will become harder to take down the further you advance through the game. That means for the first round only one shot is needed to destroy them, but as soon as you progress, you will notice that they are getting harder to destroy, thus requiring more shots. You know that they are more resistant by their respective colors. Fortunately, you will be given the chance to upgrade your points with the points that you’ve earned from the current round, thus being able to purchase what you need.

A fundamental aspect that determines the number of the appearing Fuzzles will depend of the speed of your computer. The slower it is, the faster you will be able to shoot the Fuzzles, as they appear, so the less you will find on the screen at the same time. Slowly PCs are better for this game, because they give you more time to shoot at the Fuzzles.

Below is a small guide that will tell you the respective colours, for each round, of the Fuzzles along with how many bullets they will require to get destroyed and the level they are appearing in.

The Red Fuzzle is the first one that you will face through the first round and the second, and it will take only one shoot to kill. The Yellow Fuzzles will start appearing from level 2 to 3 and they will require you to shoot at them twice to destroy them. Green Fuzzles will appear in level 3 and 4 and they will need 3 hits to get killed. Brown Fuzzles start appearing from round 4, through round 5 and 4 shots will be required in order to delete them. Blue Fuzzles appear from level 5 and 6 and a total of 5 shots will be required to kill them. Purple Fuzzles are there from round 6 to 7 and they will need 6 shots to get killed. Grey Fuzzles appear on round 7 and 8, which are the last rounds you will be able to play on before you complete the game.


You will be able, after every round, to upgrade your weapons or to purchase stuff to help you come across the Fuzzle in a more effective way. The Mega Gun is a good option to upgrade as it will reduce the number of shots that are required to destroy the Fuzzles. The number of shots that were described before are the basic shots. Once you upgrade your weapon, less will be required. If, for example, you upgrade your weapon from level 1 to level 2, the Purple Fuzzle which usually require 6 shots to be killed, will need 5. Grey Fuzzles will always require 2 shots to successfully kill them, even if your weapon is fully upgrade (at level six).

Station Shop

When you finish a round, you will be directed to the Station Shop from where the hits you’ve successfully managed to inflict to the Fuzzles will be converted onto points for you to use at the station. One point will be awarded for every successful hit. A maximum number of 5 Stun Bombs and 5 Smart Bombs can be purchased, and the prices will increase every time you decide to upgrade something.

The Hull upgrade is the first thing you will come across in the shop. This will give you an additional 10 points.

The Shields will, once they are activated, give you 20 more points.

The Droid Repair will repair your Hull whenever you need it, automatically.

The Radar upgrade tells you if the Fuzzles are coming at you or not and from which sides to give you a better idea on where to look at.

The Mega Gun will increase the power of your weapon, thus reducing the amount of shots required to kill a Fuzzle.

The Smart Bombs can be thrown to blow up the Fuzzles that are on the screen. This is better if your computer is faster, simply because more Fuzzles will be found on your screen then.

The Stun Bombs will stun the Fuzzles for a small amount of times, that are located on your screen.

Score & Points

Whenever you score a point for every Fuzzle you kill, you will be able to create a chain in order to receive more points. If you destroy Fuzzles in a row without missing anyone, you will be able to see a sign that will be located on the screen. This sign will indicate how many chain Fuzzles you’ve successfully killed. You can collect these points by shooting the sign. Note that it will disappear if you make a further shot and you fail it. So if you think that you will not be able to hold the streak, simply shoot at it to get the points you’ve successfully managed to get.

Once you shoot this chain, you will start from 0 again. You are free to shoot mines, as they will not prevent you from continuing your streak. Make sure that you don’t miss, because the chain will reset to zero and you will receive less points. This is bad if you decided to go after a super high score or after a trophy. If it happens, simply restart the game if you’re on the first rounds.

Sometimes these signs that will indicate your streak will have Fuzzles or mines behind them, and when you decide to shoot at them you will click on it instead, even if you didn’t want to claim your points at that moment.

Neopets Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars Strategy & Cheats

A good strategy to adopt is to make sure that you kill the most, if not all the Fuzzles in every round to earn the most bonus points. When you see the Approaching to Station message, collect your points before you miss them. Use the indicator at the bottom mid of the screen and pay attention to it, because you don’t want to miss points. Collect all the bonuses after atleast ten Fuzzle kills in arow. After the tenth one, the multiplier will become x3 and that is the maximum multiplier you will get. If you claim your points on the tenth kill streak, you will not lose too much if you’re worried.

Use Shields to protect yourself against multiple Fuzzles attacking you at once. Upgrade your gun whenever it is possible to reduce the amount of shots that you will have to shoot at the Fuzzles, and buy droid repairs so that you increase your health. Good luck.

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