Neopets Escape to Kreludor

Neopets Escape to Kreludor is a nice ship based game where the evil Dr.Sloth’s minions, Gorix and Cylara will want to flee his ship and you will have to help them. Neopets Escape to Kreludor is obviously located in kreludor and will require you to make good game tactics as you have to calculate every move in order to pop all of the enemies ships.


During Neopets Escape to Kreludor, you will control Gorix and Cylara’s ships. Your main objective will be to escape the pod. If you’re looking to move the ship, simply click on a square that is adjacent or opposed to the ship. You only move by one square at once, not twice or more. Once you move, the attacking vessels will move towards you in your direction unless you’ve activated the green gem which will make you invisible. If you want to shoot, simply use your mouse to click on your ship and it will fire two bullets from each side of the ships, but it will cost you a turn. Note that the comets are indestructible, so you should not shoot at them but to mainly focus on your enemies.

You’ll be given, for the whole game, a total of three lives. You can lose them if you enter in a comet, or if your opponent’s interacts with you, having your ship exploding. You receive a total of 10 points for every blue ship you destroy, and 15 points for every red ship you destroy. The ships are random.

Know The Objects

Various objects are contained in the game which you have to avoid. Some other can be considered as bonuses. The Grey Ship is yours, and you have to destroy all of your opponents ship to successfully win the current level. The Comets are indestructible and they will always come to you for every move. Never attempt to destroy them as they can not be destroyed. Instead, if it is really bothering you and approaching, you can go to the corner of the map to teleport yourself, thus having a chance to flee from it and possibly even winning the current round. Meteors are objects that are found in the space, but that will not move. You will not go on them, but if you manage to get your opponents to get on them, they will explode and you are given points (1o or 15).

Grey Ships are ships that will award you 10 points upon successful destruction, and they will follow you everywhere you go, unless of course you use the invisible ability. The are not bright, meaning that you will make them crash them by setting up a great strategy. Red Ships are smarter than Grey Ships because even if they will follow you, they will avoid the meteors or stuff that can get them destroyed. They will not fall for traps, and this is why they will award you 15 points instead of 10. In the space, you also need to find rubbish. This is done when a ship is destroyed by a different object than a meteor. It is useless, but it will prevent you from going on to that square.

Wormholes are a really important aspect of the game as they will give you the opportunity to teleport, thus having a chance to flee from your enemies for a while and to setup a new strategy to eradicate them. They will let you teleport to a random square, which can very clearly be next to your opponents ships. It is unpredictable, and 100% luck. As there are many squares, you can be lucky to not land on a near-enemy scare a lot of times. If you have the opportunity to not use it, however, simply don’t because it can cost you the game if it teleports you to a bad spot. If there is a comet next to you, it is really recommended to use it.

Know your Gems

During the game, many gems are available for you to collect, but they will have different colors. It will be necessary that you learn their effects so that you can choose whether you would like to grab them, or not, depending on your strategy. Below is a short description for each of the gems so that you can get a better idea of the game.

The Purple Gem: This is considered as one of the most fundamental gems of the game simply because it will give you an extra 50 points to your total score. This is good if you’re going after a super high score or after a trophy.

The Green Gem: This gem will cloak you. Every little thing, enemies ships or comets, that are following you will not know where you are, thus preventing them from following you. However, if you are close to them and they decide to move on your square, you lose a life so try to stay far from them.

The Blue Gem: This gem will downgrade all the Red Ships and the comets so that they because Grey Ships. Grey Ships, however, will not be downgraded and they will remain the same. This is perfect if you’re in a terrible situation and you happen to find this particular gem near you.

The Red Gem: That gem will destroy all the ships (ships only, not comets) that are found to be 2 square radius from you. It will be an explosion that will cause them to be destroyed. You can try to bring them to a spot and then to use it, which can be quite smart.

The Crystal Gem: Finally, this is a very important gem because it will give you an extra life.

Neopets Escape to Kreludor Strategy & Cheats

During the game, type empulse to make an explosion of 1 square radius from your ship, and to destroy the ships that are located there. You only use this code once per game and remember that the comets and the meteors will not receive any damage, simply because they are indestructible. If you’re in terrible conditions, then it is recommended that you use it, but keep it for serious cases. You do not want to waste it for nothing. Always force the ships to come to your and to pass by meteors, which will get them destroyed. The Grey Ships are not smart, so they will simply follow you wherever you go. This is a good option for the first rounds, where there are mostly Grey Ships. For the later ones, it is also recommended, but you have to setup your own strategy depending on the level you’re currently on. Shoot Ship if they are within your range if it won’t harm you for the next rounds. Shoot Red Ships while you can, because they are harder to fool than Grey Ones.

If you’re stuck and there is a comet going your way and it is about to touch you, simply go through the wormholes because they will let you teleport. Even though it is unpredictable where you will be teleported to, it will give you a high chance of escaping, simply because the screen is big enough to minimize the risk of appearing near an enemy ship.

Some people will think that they will not downgrade ships just because they will lose points. First of all, remember that the people on the high score table have not finish “all of the levels”. That means if you feel the need to downgrade the enemies ships, go for it. There are plenty more rounds for you to complete, and from there you will get on the HST if you’re really bright. This game is about strategy, and less about luck. Every round is different for anyone and is doable. If you have the skills, then the golden trophy is not a thing to worry about.

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