Neopets Dubloon-O-Matic

Neopets Dubloon-O-Matic is a machine that is located in Krawk Island, which is quite strange that you will be able to use to exchange your Dubloons.


The Neopets Dubloon-O-Matic will exchange the Dubloon you’re bringing to it, and you will have to put in Dubloons in it. You will have to check the boxes that are located under the Dubloons so that you can exchange them. You will note be able to, however, trade Dubloons to receive lower ones. For example, you can not spend a one hundred Dubloon coin to receive one hundred 1 Dubloon coins. However, you can bring 100 one Dubloon coins to get a hundred. The Dubloons will have to be in your inventory if you would like to use them.


You will have to have a lot of Dubloons if you would like to make a higher one. It goes by categories. For example, you can use five Dubloon coins two times to exchange them for a ten Dubloon coin.

Below is a list that shows you all of the Dubloons that exist, so that you can get a better idea when it comes to exchange them, etc.

One Dubloon Coin
Two Dubloon Coin
Five Dubloon Coin
Ten Dubloon Coin
Twenty Dubloon Coin
Fifty Dubloon Coin
One Hundred Dubloon Coin
Two Hundred Dubloon Coin
Five Hundred Dubloon Coin
One Thousand Dubloon Coin

That’s all about it, simply bring your Dubloons to exchange for higher coins.

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