Neopets Destruct-O-Match III

Neopets Destruct-O-Match III is a boulders game where you will have to destroy the most amount of them so that you are able to advanced further in the game. Neopets Destruct-O-Match III will give you the opportunity to practice your clicking skills by double clicking on each boulder for it to disappear and get rid of them for the most points.


During the game, a total of ten power ups will be there for you to make profit of, where nine of them will be appearing on every game mode. The only mode they wont be appearing in is the Extreme Mode. The tenth power up will appear only in the Extreme Mode difficulty. Below you will find a list of power ups to help you stay familiar with them and get a better global idea about the whole game, and about the process. There will be also a strategy provided for each boulder for you to destroy it in the best possible way.

The Timer Boulder. This Boulder will be blue with a timer on it, that will count down from 15 seconds all the way up to 0 seconds. When the time runs out, if you weren’t able to successfully destroy it before, then this block will turn in an indestructible boulder and it will remain there for the rest of the game. It is recommended that you remove these in the first place so that you can avoid having these in your path, where they will be indestructible. That said, at the start of the game, it will be more benefical for you to aim at these first.

The Indestructible Boulder. This one will have two bones crossed on it, and it will be the grey color. It can not be destructed and you will have to avoid it at all cost simply because it is not beneficial for you to hit it.

The Fill Boulder. This one is blue with three white squares that have green borders. Its effect is simply that it will add another row of boulders at the top of it. It is recommended that you make the maximum profit of it by waiting the rows to drop little by little. When there is almost no rows left, use this boulder so that you can create additional ones, thus giving you extra points. This is also good if you’re going after a super high score or after a trophy because of the extra points it provides.

The Explode Boulder. This one is a black boulder with a red volcano on it that is spreading gas outside. It will destroy all of the adjacent boulders. It is recommended that you keep this for the very end simply because at that time there will be less combinations and you will be able to grab a lot of extra points by destroying the unmatchable boulders. It will then explode and minimize the left amount of boulders, giving you extra points.

The Overkill Boulder. This grey boulder will have a cracked wand on it. It will destroy all boulders that will be of the same colour of it. Note that this boulder will only award you with points for the first click you do on it, and not for the other boulders that are of the same colour. In other words, if you click on it, you will be awarded points for clicking on it, but the other boulders that are destroyed will not provide anything. It is recommended, for this reason, that you only use it only when the maximum number of boulders have been removed of the game, so that if you click on it and manage to break the order, if you’re lucky enough, more boulders will be available for you to match together.

The Multiplier Boulder will have a picture of 3 units on a grey block, and what it will do is simply provide a multiplier to your score. It will multiply it by three, and it will start appear, most of the time, from level 3 and so on. This is very helpful simply because it will give you a lot of extra points. Before you use it, make sure that you get boulders together to make an excellent combo, after that simply use it and boom, you will be awarded with a lot of points.

The Morph Boulder is a boulder that will continuously change its colour and it will be able to match all of the other normal colors. From there, you will be able to click on it whenever it changes to the color you’re currently looking forward. This is helpful if you have a set of combo but just need one missing block. This, then, will be fundamental and you will have to use it to earn the most amount of points possible.

The Wildcard Boulder has two Tyrannian forks crossed. This one will represent a boulder that is of any colour, and the colors of the other blocks will not matter. This is extremely helpful if you’re linking two combos that are large and you’re just missing one.

The Shuffle Block is the one with Glubgar (that is usually the main dragon of Volcano Run II). He will fly across the screen to shuffle all the remaining boulders to make sure that they are the same. This is very helpful if you really have almost no other combinations that are possible, so that you can use it to get a fresh start and start finishing off more boulders, thus earning more extra points.

The Undo Boulder is the one that has a green head monster on a green block. It will only work if the previous play did not contain the use of any power-up boulder. From there, you will be able to take a step backward in case you’ve done something that you have regretted. This is not very helpful, but it is surely excellent if you were not thinking that doing x thing will cause y things, thus you will have a better time taking an undo (step backward).

Lastly, the Scammander Boulder that has a scammander on a blue block will keep one column that contain boulders from rising. Again, this is only available on Extreme Mode because there the boulders will be rising. These blocks will be usually moving fast and it is not really helpful so you better just focus on destroying the maximum number of blocks possible and less to worry about this.


During the game, a total of five different modes will be offered for you to play on.

The first one is the Zen Mode, where you will not earn any points or Neopoints. This is mainly to practice your skills and to know what to do, along with what to not do. How to proceed, how to setup a strategy, what you can do in x situation, etc.

The second one is the Classic Mode, where you will have to play and earn points. This is a basic mode, simply double click on the set of boulders to have them disappear, thus earning points for your own purpose.

The Extreme Mode is what comes next. There you will only have to click once, and the boulders will be rising so you will have to be quick.

If you’re a fan of the Classic Mode, you may want to play on a double screen.

Lastly, the Double Troube Extreme Mode is like the previous mode, and you will be playing in extreme mode with a double screen. However, it is hard to keep playing simply because the boulders will get faster and faster.

At the bottom of the screen, two power ups will be offered for you to use. The first one is the undo power up which will not usable if a power up is not destroyed (if it is clear). If it is bold, then it is active and you will be able to use it. Then, there is the shuffle power up that can be used.

Neopets Destruct-O-Match III Strategy & Cheats

To avoid losing combos, it is recommended that you start elimination boulders from the top all the way going downward. It is recommended that you play on the classic mode if you’re going after a super high score or after a trophy simply because you will not be able to maintain the rythm in the later level. For this reason, stick the classic one and you will have as much time as you want to think and to act, thus getting you points.

You will need a total of 2,500 points to earn the Destruct-O-Match Avatar and for a trophy you will need over 3 thousand points. It is recommended that you try to achieve the trophy at the beginning of the month simply because the scores will be lower and they will be located within then 2800 range or, if you’re lucky, less than that. From there you will be able to earn a shiny new trophy.

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