Neopets Defender Trainer

Neopets Defender Trainer is a game that will give you a chance to shoot while you’re using your brain. Neopets Defender Trainer will offer you a variety of things to shoot at and to avoid for you to do.


During Neopets Defender Trainer, you will be able to customise the difficulty so that you can start playing on the level you’re currently at. Three levels are offered to you. The first on is Easy Mode which will offer you with four pictures that are 2×2 square for you to shoot at. The Medium difficulty will offer you with six pictures that are 3×2 and finally, the hard difficulty will offer a total of nine pictures in 3×3 square. The hardest the difficulty, the less time you will be given upon successful completion of each level, but you will be awarded with more points for every single level simply because the difficulty will be harder.


You will be presented with various pictures for you to shoot at. These can be Neopets, petpets or even items and this is why below you will find a list to give you a better idea about the game and to help you familiarize with them.






During the game, while you will be playing, a total of four random distractions will be there for your disadvantage. Some of the times, the figure you will be looking forward will be a shadow so that you will have a harder time finding it. Some other times, the targets will be small sized or even upside down to give you a harder time at finding them. Remember that you will have to use your brain, so there is no reason to panic. You will also have an infinite amount of times to restart the game in case you fail, so simply relax.

Sometimes the game will even ask you a question that is the negative way, mentioned not in bold. In this case you will have to find what is mentioned, and to shoot at something else. Some other times the targets will be moving and this can be quite frustrating. In that case, simply be patient and wait until the very beginning after it switches to shoot, so that you don’t risk hitting something else.

If you’re a new Neopets player, your knowledge of the game will be less than someone who have a solid experience. For that reason, most of the time you will fail as you don’t know what the items/pets/petpets names are but you should not worry. The reason behind that is that once you fail at hitting a target, the correct answer will be given for you to memorize. Fortunately, not all the items of Neopia will be presented to you so that you will have a better time memorizing what is there. The more you play, the better you will become simply because it is about experience and less about luck.


First Round: The first round will contain mostly Neopets for you to shoot at.
Second Round: This round will contain petpets for you to shoot at.
Third Round: There will be Neopets and Petpets for you to shoot at.
Fourth Round: There you will have to shoot at items.
Fifth Round: On that round there will be Neopets, petpets or items for you to shoot at.
Sixth Round: During this round, the game is called “Which has the shortest name?” and from there, there will be Neopets along with Petpets for you to shoot at.
Seventh Round: Same thing as last round, just that its about the shortest name.Eighth Round: This one contains Neopets, petpets and Items and it will tell you whichh of these ends with x letter.
Ninth Round: Same as last round, but this time it will tell you what ends with x and y letter.
Tenth Round: Finally, this one will ask you which of the Neopets, petpets, items has the most vowels.

Neopets Defender Trainer Strategy & Cheats

If you are going after a super high score or after a trophy, you will have to succeed, obviously. However, the question is how. It is recommended that in order to get better, to just practice so that it will help you become better at it. The more you play, the more you will memorize, the better your reflexes will be, etc. Just like when you study, the more you do, the better you will become. Same thing there.

When in game, put your mouse on the center of the screen so that you will be able to minimize the time you will need to move it to the right spot, whenever a question appears for you to follow. If there is a question which you forgot or you can not find the answer, remember to stay patient. Simply look at them one by one and if you can still not find it, if you have the time, eliminate the choices that are obviously not matching. From there, you will be able to have only few pictures to guess from, thus raising your chance on hitting the right picture. For every 200 points you will earn, you will be given an extra life. If you are someone that is easily distracted, simply turn off the volume on the top right corner.

Clicking on the Judge Hog eye will make you hear a strange sound of laughter, which is not really important for the gameplay. Have fun.

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