Neopets Dar-BLAT!!!

Neopets Dar-BLAT!!! is a luck based game that will require you to shoot at the Darblat petpet on an icy mountain. Neopets Dar-BLAT!!! is the perfect game for you if you’re trying to achieve a good score or a trophy with minimum efforts, but mostly with luck. Just like Splat-A-Slot, this game is similar but will be harder simply because the Darblat will usually slide much more faster.


During the game, once you click to play, you will have to wait to see the Darblat appear on your screen. He will slide with speed, so most of the time you will not have time to press the space bar to shoot at him. You will most likely not be able to successfully hit him within your first shoot, so it may take you several tries there. If you’re one of these people who have quick reflexes, let away the luck for now, then this is the game for you. Remember that even with that, it is hard for you to actually hit the Darblat.

You will be presented with a screen where the Darblat will come sliding from the top left corner of the screen, and you will have much less than a second to hit him. It’s approximately 0.3 seconds, which makes it difficult to have a chance even with reflexes. Most of the time you will have to shoot before he arrives in order to hit him.


Points are rewarded for your quickness and for your speed. You will earn more points if you are able to hit the part that goes past the cannon at first. The Darblat wil sometimes slide past your cannon while hes on the stomach. That means the Darblat will usually appear through different positions, and his heads will award you the most points. This is another reason that makes this game based about luck. You can not predict the postion of the Darblat, and once you hit him your score will be sent automatically. Usually the Darblat, after pressing the start button, will appear from 2 to 20 seconds.

Sometimes the Phantom Orange Shirt Guy will appear when the Game is over, and will decide behind the Darblat. He doesn’t appear often, so you might want to admire him when you have the chance.

Neopets Dar-BLAT!!! Strategy & Cheats

There is no really cheats for this game, as the game is mostly based on luck. It is better if you use a slow computer, simply because you will have more time, by a fraction of second, to hit the Darblat himself. Unlike Splat-A-Slot, if you press the space bar by accident at the very beginning of the start, you will not be unable to play further and thus having to refresh the game. For that reason, if you’re badly looking to score, simply keep starting the game and shooting after ~2 seconds but note that this will be very boring. You might want to shoot before the Darblat appears. The maximum number of points you can successfully earn from this game is 600, which is difficult unless you’re extremely lucky. Good luck.

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