Neopets Chemistry For Beginners Guide

Neopets Chemistry For Beginners invites you into the lab of a crazy Ixi scientist, tucked away in a dark Haunted Woods dungeon.  The Ixi scientist practices some… unique chemistry that you won’t find in your everyday science textbook.  Chemistry for Beginners is a puzzle game involving the synthesis of novel Neopian compounds that can be cashed in for game points.  Do you have what it takes to make it through all the levels of the mad scientist’s game?

How To Play

The game board is set up in a grid formation.  You are presented with individual atoms one at a time and you may place the atom anywhere on the grid.  Placing an atom adjacent to an existing one will form a bond if the combination makes an existing compound and the compound disappears from the screen, earning you game points.  A list of possible atom combinations are displayed for you to the right of the game board for your reference.  Hovering your mouse over the compound will display the amount of points that it is worth.

You must reach a certain score to beat the current level and advance to the next.  As you progress through the game, new compounds are discovered and you are given more atoms and possible combinations to work with.  However, you have to play smarter as well, as the scores demanded to advance in the game also become more challenging.

But be careful!  You can’t just throw any combination of atoms together! (That’s how lab accidents happen!)  There are certain atom combinations that are unstable, and if you accidentally synthesize one of these compounds, you will lose the game!  Additionally, if you run out of atoms before you have reached the score needed to advance, it’s game over!

Atoms and Compounds

There are five atoms in Chemistry for Beginners: Neopium (Np; green), Tyrannium (Ty; blue), Slothite (Sl; red), Faeryllium (Fae; gold) and Krawkite (Kr; silver).  You will begin the game with only Neopium, and the others are introduced throughout the game.  Tyrannium appears in level 2, Slothite is unlocked in level 6, Faeryllium makes its debut in level 10 and Krawkite is finally revealed in level 14.  Below are all of  the compounds that will earn you points (and the ones that will blow up your lab!):

Compound Point Value Level Unlocked
Np-Np 1 1
Np-Ty-Np 2 2
Ty-Ty-Ty 2 3
Ty-Ty-Ty-Ty-Ty 4 5
Np-Sl-Sl-Np 4 6
Np-Ty-Np-Ty-Np 6 8
Np-Fae-Fae-Fae-Np 7 10
Sl-Sl-Sl-Sl-Sl-Sl-Sl 10 13
Kr-Kr 1 14
Sl-Kr-Sl-Kr-Sl-Kr 10 16

Chemistry For Beginners Cheats and Tips

  • Always go for the compounds worth more points rather than going for the quick, easy points.  Once you unlock the ten point Slothite compound, always try to go for this one.
  • Be careful building the ten point Slothite chain!  If you chain four Slothites together, you lose! When building, you must create two chains of three and then link them with the seventh Slothite to make the final compound.
  • Clearing the board gives you a 5 point bonus (which makes all the difference if you are going for a trophy!).  Keep an eye on the upcoming atoms and see if you can plan ahead to clear the board.

  • You will receive one bonus point for each atom that is not used when beating a level, so find a good balance between cashing in big compounds and earning bonus points.
  • The order of atoms that you are presented with in the first fourteen levels will be the same every time you play the game!  That means that once you have found the sequence in which to play your atoms to maximize your level score, you can continue to use this sequence each time you play! Pro tip: there are some good petpages out there that have walkthroughs for each level!

Well, you are ready to make some crazy science!  All the best to you… and try not to blow anything up!

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